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COVID-19 Testing Protocol and Explanation

Updated October 9, 2020

The COVID-19 Testing document highlights the goal of the University’s COVID-19 Testing plan and includes detailed information regarding who will be tested, why they will be tested, and the sampling methodology that will be used to test. Please take the time to read this document carefully.

Employees and students who are selected in the weekly sampling pool will be contacted via their WNE email address each Friday. It is critical that you check your email each day, with special attention to Friday, so if you are selected you can respond to this mandatory test date. Students who do not comply with testing requirements will not be able to continue taking classes, either online or on-ground. They will also need to be tested on their own expenses at an off-campus facility. Employees who do not comply will be required to assume the costs of their own test, should they not comply with the University mandated screening test.

We will be providing guidance on testing for students and employees for returning to campus after Thanksgiving break and for the start of the Spring term shortly.

Thank you for your attention.

COVID-19 Testing