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Important Labor Day Weekend Message

Updated September 3, 2020

Dear Western New England University Students:

Thank you for a terrific opening week of classes. I could not be prouder of you for your high level of compliance with the University’s safety standards. Wearing our masks, practicing social distancing, washing our hands and saying no to large parties is only part of our plan.

Another very important part of staying safe is making every effort possible to reduce the times in which you leave campus. Leaving campus, and then returning is a way in which COVID-19 can be spread. This is one of the reasons we have decided to hold classes this Monday, September 7 on the Labor Day Holiday.

I am strongly asking that all students stay on campus this weekend. Please do not go home this weekend unless it absolutely cannot be avoided. 

We have a terrific schedule of fun activities planned for you. You can use the Schedulicity App to book times in the CAHLC and sign up for events.  It is also a great weekend to get ahead on studying and assignments, connect with friends and catch up on sleep.

We are making this request because we believe this is another important step in keeping you and our campus community safe and healthy. 

Hope you have a wonderful Golden Bear weekend!

Dean Hart-Steffes