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Meet Our Staff

  • Wayne Carpenter


    Director of Counseling Services

    For me counseling is about forming a collaborative relationship with the student and work mutually in order for the student reach their goals. This begins with listening to the student’s story and making sure the student feels heard and understood. Then, choosing from a variety of therapeutic approaches and techniques, we build a path toward achieving the student’s goals. To help a student see the possibilities of what change can bring, and then see the student create that change, is a wonderfully gratifying experience for both the student, and myself.

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  • Amy Shuman


    Assistant Director Mental Health and Wellness

    I show up for my clients with my best self, offering authenticity, compassion, and practicality, interspersed with humor and present moment awareness. In this way, I support my client’s development, insights and choices in their progress toward their own unique personal goals.

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  • Meaghan Decker


    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

    I am an independently licensed clinical social worker whose experience and expertise are centered around assisting adults, young and old, to navigate a range of issues including anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships, grief and loss, and addiction.

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  • Naarah Macklin (Nay-ar-ah)


    Clinical Counselor/Art Therapy

    My approach entails being empathetic in my listening skills and creating a safe and comfortable environment to talk. I will often give a different perspective to a solution and encourage growth, and to “lean” into the uncomfortableness that can come with counseling, as this makes way for great improvement in oneself. I tend to think outside the box and encourage creativity in thinking, as well as will be of great support as the individual builds up their confidence and is able to grow and develop. I will often challenge my clients to be their best selves, whatever that may look or feel like to them.

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  • Kathryn Colby

    Graduate Intern

    My approach is all about building the relationship, focusing on the whole person, and identifying strengths. No one person only has one identity and we will work together figure out strengths to find solutions for any aspect of yourself. As a Graduate Intern I continue to learn and deepen my practice while supporting your journey.

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  • Kellie Johansen

    Graduate Intern

    Mindful that no two people feel or react the same to life circumstances, I provide a comfortable, non-judgmental space for individuals to open up, be themselves and share their story. With the recognition of an individual’s strengths, lifestyle, and goals, together we create a plan that ultimately leads to healing, acceptance of self and others, self-empowerment, strengthened mind-body connection, more routine health and wellness practices, and an increased sense of joy and peace.

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  • Ryan Berthiaume

    Graduate Intern

    I have a person-first approach to counseling that is centered in building a strong working relationship and foundation with the individuals I work with. Through patience, understanding and the right mix of humor and empathy I strive to create a safe and welcoming space for any individual who works with me. Despite my switch to clinical mental health, I have not forgotten my mental performance background and the aspects of having a growth mindset, finding motivation and other strength-based techniques are a major part of my approach as a counselor in terms of helping the individuals I work with grow and reach their goals.

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  • Louise Ingram

    Staff Assistant

    I have been a member of the Western New England University Counseling Services team for over 15 years. In the capacity of Staff Assistant, I manage the office and the schedules of the office staff, making appointments with students, sending out the paperwork for them and being sure the status of the appointments are maintained and up to date. I have always had a great amount of respect for our students and their resilience and perseverance, but this year, they are also ‘my heroes’ for their ability to adapt to the conditions on campus and be able to not only get through all the turmoil but to thrive and succeed. 'Go Golden Bears'.