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Communications Information

Direct Inward Dialing

This feature allows for direct calling from outside the University without going through the switchboard. In order to call directly, the caller should dial 782 plus the extension for (1000 series numbers) or 796 plus the extension for (2000, 4000, or 5000 series) numbers, which you are trying to reach. Please give your complete seven digit number to people you frequently do business with or for call backs.                 

Institutional and Individual Speed Dialing

Institutional speed numbers, which can be accessed by dialing feature code #2 plus a two digit code, are listed in the on-line directory. If anyone has numbers to recommend for addition to the institutional speed dial list, (limited to 100), please contact Christopher V. Freitag at X1614. In addition to the institutional speed dial, up to 100 extensions can have individual speed dial. Individuals with this capability can have 10 individual speed dial numbers unique to their phone. Please contact Mr. Freitag for more information.

Computer User IDs / Email Addresses

A user ID for a University account is usually derived from the first initial of a person’s first name, the first initial of a person's last name, followed by 6 digits. For questions about user IDs or email addresses visit the Office of Information Technology pages

Faculty Mailbox Numbers

Mail Services requests that all inter-office as well as outside mail to faculty include box numbers. Box numbers are listed in the alphabetical on-line directory listing next to the faculty name.

Mail Services

Mail Services, located in the Campus Utilities Building (CUB), is the mailing facility on campus. Faculty, staff and students may conduct their personal business at the service window.  Services include: certified mail, express mail, insurance, stamps, and shipping supply sales. In addition, Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and International services are provided. This is the location where students pick up their packages. For more information, please call extension 1509.