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Competitions & Conferences

There are several student regional and national presentations each year that allow you to present your hard work and go head-to-head with students from other schools. Entries include design projects, academic papers, and research conducted with faculty members. Students have recently won awards from the American Society for Engineering Education Northeast Conference and the Northeast Bioengineering Conference, presented research at the national Biomedical Engineering Society Conference, and participated in the Western Mass Innovation Jam.




Our senior design engineers execute some of the strongest designs in the College, when they present annually at the College of Engineering Design Expo! 

  • Winner of Most Innovative Design Project: Medtronic's Anatomical Models

  • Winner of BME & Engineering #1 Senior Design Project: DIY Bioreactor

  • Students win at the Engineering Design EXPO



Senior design students travel annually to the Northeast Bioengineering Conference to present their projects to a regional audience. We have even had our student teams win the Design Competition at this event!


  • Raissa, Sara and Aubrey present their Capstone project on a drug elution device for cancer treatment

  • The BME crew traveled to Columbia University in Spring 2022

  • Noah and Avery Present their Senior Capstone project on a DIY bioreactor