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Biomedical Engineering Faculty

  • Robert Gettens, Dr. G

    Professor, Department Chair

    Dr. G is the Biomedical Engineering Department Chair and steward of the BME program. His areas of interest are in Biomaterials, Medical Devices, Entrepreneurship. He is also an ABET Evaluator, focused on Curriculum Development and leads the Senior Design and Industry Partnerships for the department.     

    Biomaterials Labs and Experiences
  • Dr. Rust

    Full Professor

    Dr. Rust is the Director of Experiential and Entrepreneurial Learning. His research focuses on Point-of-Care (POC) devices, biosensors, Bioinstrumentation, Lab on a Chip, and Global Health.   

  • Dr. Kwaczala, Dr. K

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Kwaczala is the Faculty Advisor for Society of Women Engineers. Her research interests are in Biomechanics, Prosthetic and Orthotic Design, Clinical Engineering and Inter-professional collaboraitons with industry partners and medical professionals.   

    SWE Website
  • Dr. English, Tony

    Associate Professor

    Tony, as he is fondly called by his students, teaches courses in Instrumentation, Biotransport, Systems, and all things engineering math! He is passionate about helping students learn and grow their knowedge-base in core engineering principles related to biomedical systems and mathematical models of physiological phenomena. His research interests are in novel biosensors that exploit the application of living cells on hydrogel scaffolds, bio-signal processing, Biomaterials and Tissue engineering

  • Dr. Jaiswal, Dr. J

    Assistant Professor

    D. Jaiswal, or Dr. J is the faculty advisor for BMES. She is a passionate educator who encourages students to develop strong technical skills in a wet-lab environment through inquiry-based learning and independent research projects. Dr. J's research interests are in Tissue Engineering,BioMEMS, Drug Delivery, Mechanobiology.