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Vision and Mission


The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to educate, prepare, inspire, and mentor students to excel as professionals and to grow throughout their careers in the art, science, and responsibilities of engineering. This is accomplished by:

• Providing the facilities and environment conducive to a high quality education, well grounding the students in the fundamental principles of engineering and preparing them for diverse careers;

• Engaging in academic and scholarly activities, which strengthen the major’s regional, national, and international reputation.

Mechanical Engineering Vision

The philosophies brought forward in the vision of the University and the College of Engineering are incorporated in the Mechanical Engineering vision statement.  This vision was created jointly with the Mechanical Engineering Industrial Advisory Council.  The vision statement reads:

 The vision of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to be regionally, nationally and internationally recognized in providing mechanical engineering education, leading to well qualified engineers who are innovative, immediate contributors to their profession and successful in advanced studies.

Mechanical Engineering Educational Objectives Published and Consistent with Mission and ABET Criteria

The objectives of the Mechanical Engineering Program are to produce graduates whose careers and professional behavior several years after graduation are marked by: 

1. A commitment to continuing education and technical competency in solving engineering problems, consistent with the ethics of the profession, and serving the needs of local, national, and multinational communities and enterprises;

2. Advancement in their professional careers, including the attainment of increased technical or managerial capabilities; and

3. Continual improvement in effective technical and non-technical communication and teamwork.