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2021 Emerging Engineers Expo


  • Emerging Engineers Expo Program

    From the first day on campus to their capstone Senior Design Projects, students learn engineering design through rigorous classroom and hands-on laboratory experiments. The College of Engineering faculty has been working and will continue to work on integrating entrepreneurship education into the engineering curriculum. The faculty also maintains strong relationships with regional and national industries and corporations. As a result of this collaboration, our students are afforded great internship opportunities and most of the senior capstone design projects are industry-based. 

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Zoom Links

Event Date Time ZOOM
ECE Senior Design Projects April 23 12:00 PM Join
IE Senior Design Projects April 23 5:00 PM Join
ME Senior Design Projects April 28 12:30 PM
(breakouts at 1:00 p.m.)
CEE Senior Design Projects April 29 3:30 PM Join
Freshman Project Expo [view projects] April 29 10:00 AM Join
BME Senior Design Projects April 30 2:00 PM Join