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Anthony Santamaria

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, 2013-2014
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2007-2012
B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2003-2007
Office: S 303D
413-782-1706 (email preferred)

 Anthony Santamaria Sustainable Energy Lab


2019 - The Electrochemistry Society, Travel Grant, Atlanta, GA
2015 - US Department of Energy Visiting Faculty, Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
2012 - Business Development Fellow, UC Davis Graduate School of Management
2011 - Global Finalist in the Cleantech Open Business Competition, San Jose, CA
2011 - 3rd place in the Walmart Better Living National Business Competition, Fayetteville, AR
2011 - 2nd place in the UC Davis Big Bang Business Competition
2010 - Daimler AG Fellow

Recent Publications (for full list see below)

M. Mortazavi, A. D. Santamaria, J. Benner, V. Chauhan, “Enhanced Water Removal from PEM Fuel Cell using Acoustic Pressure Waves,'' Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 2019, 166, (7), F3143-F3153

A. J. Steinbach, J. S. Allen, R. L. Borup, D. S.  Hussey, D. L. Jacobson, A. Komlev, A. Kwong, J. MacDonald, R. Mukundan, M. J. Pejsa, M. Roos, A. D. Santamaria, J. M. Sieracki, D. Spernjak,  I. V. Zenyuk, A. Z. Weber, “Anode-design strategies for improved performance of polymer-electrolyte fuel cells with ultra-thin electrodes,” Joule, 2018 2 (7), 1297 - 1312

N. J. Cooper, T. L. Smith, A. D. Santamaria, J. W. Park, “An Electrochemical Performance Characterization Method for Comparing PEFCs of Varying Channel Dimensions,” Journal of Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage, 2018, 15 (4)

J. Sellman, A. D. Santamaria, “Ex-situ probing of PEFC liquid droplet dynamics in the presence of vibration,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42 (17), 12551 - 12558

N. J. Cooper, A. D. Santamaria, M. K. Becton, J. W. Park, “Neutron radiography measurements of in-situ PEMFC liquid water saturation in 2D & 3D morphology gas diffusion layers,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 2017, 42 (25), 16269 - 16278

N. J. Cooper, A. D. Santamaria, M. Becton, J. W. Park, “Investigation of the Performance Improvement in Decreasing Aspect Ratio Interdigitated Flow Field PEMFCs,” Energy Conversion and Management, 2017, 136, 307 - 317

N.J. Cooper, T. Smith, Anthony D. Santamaria, J.W. Park, “Experimental optimization of parallel and interdigitated PEMFC flow-field channel geometry,” International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41, 1213–1223, 2016

Anthony D. Santamaria, N. Cooper, M. Becton, A.Z. Weber, J.W. Park, “The Effect of Cross-flow on PEFC Liquid Water Distribution: An in-situ high resolution Neutron Radiography Study,” Journal of Power Sources, 293, 162-169, 2015

Anthony D. Santamaria, P.K. Das, J. MacDonald, A.Z. Weber, “Liquid Water Interactions with Gas Diffusion Layer Surfaces,” Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 161 (12), F1184-F1193, 2014


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Research Interests

Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage Systems:
Fuel Cells, Flow Batteries, Thermofluid Transport, Electrode Design
Machine Learning:
AI/Energy Nexus, Intelligent Vehicle Systems
Porous Media Flow:
Gas Diffusion Layers, Metal Foams, Breakthrough Pressure
Surface Tension, Contact Angle, Adhesion Force, Droplet Dynamics
Nuclear Imaging:
Neutron Radiography/Tomography, X-Ray Radiography/Tomography