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Entrepreneurial Teaching Initiatives at the College of Engineering

The College of Engineering established a partnership with the Kern Entrepreneurial Network (KEEN) in order to collaborate with other partner institutions and contributors to develop and identify the best solutions and practices in modern engineering. This partnership also offers support to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate students.  The College of Engineering has received multiple grants from KEEN designed to bolster our Engineering students’ education in order to better position our graduates for the demands of their field.

An abbreviated list of accomplishments from these grant efforts included:

  • Student groups have been sponsored to attend workshops and competitions. last year 4 students traveled to Palo Alto, CA for 1 week and meet with entrepreneurs and business leader in Silicon Valley.
  • 100 % of current 1st  year engineering students participate in entrepreneurial minded learning activities.
  • 100% of current 2nd year engineering students participate in entrepreneurial minded learning activities.
  • 47 WNE faculty have attended and participated in our 4 day entrepreneurial minded learning workshops.
  • The faculty of the College of Engineering and the School of Business have disseminated scholarly work related to student demonstration of entrepreneurial thinking.

Kern Entrepreneurial Network