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On-Campus Bank

Enrollment Services On-Campus Bank

The bank is located in the Enrollment Services office in the Lower Level of D'Amour Library.

Operating hours for the bank are:

Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The on-campus bank cannot establish deposit/checking accounts for students. The Enrollment Services bank is the place for the following:

Making Payments

Payments for any charges to the student's account can be made at the bank.  To mail payments, send to:

Western New England University
ATTN: Bursar's Office
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, MA 01119-2684

Check Cashing

As of March 1st, 2018, the Enrollment Services bank will discontinue check-cashing services for work-study, personal, procurement or other purposes. If you are a work-study student, the Student Payroll Office will be happy to help you enroll in direct deposit.

Food Points

Students and parents may purchase and charge food points to the student's account. Resident students may enroll in a meal plan online through the Residence Life system. Commuter students may contact Residence Life Office for further information.

Financial Aid Refunds

Refunds of excess financial aid and/or private loans are disbursed via checks at the bank area. To request a refund, contact your Enrollment Services Coordinator at (413)796-2080. Federal regulations require refunding excess financial aid within 14 days. This is any credit balance due from Federal (Title IV) disbursements greater than the mandatory charges on the student's account, unless the student or parent submits a request, in writing, to keep the credit on the account.


The closest bank owned ATM is a Bank of America machine located in the campus center. 

PVTA Bus Passes

PVTA bus passes can be purchased at the Enrollment Services Bank. There are both seven day and thirty-one day passes available. Seven day passes cost $12.50 each and thirty-one day passes cost $40 each. These prices are determined by PVTA and are subject to change. You can find additional information on the PVTA website at http://www.pvta.com.