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Freshman Council

What is Freshman Council?

Freshman Council is an organization consisting of first year students that helps place first year students at the center of clubs and organizations on campus. The Freshman Council is a great opportunity for freshmen to develop their college experiences, build memories, create new friendships, and learn about student government. The council plans and coordinates activities for the freshman class and fosters a sense of class identity.

Who is in Freshman Council?

Recent councils have been comprised of both commuter and resident students from as close as Springfield, MA, to as far as California. All members have been very excited about getting their class to unite by being involved in campus wide activities. Typically, Freshman Council consists of 20-25 first year students. Freshman Council helps members to learn from experience through programing, community service, workshops and meetings and to experience firsthand how to manage a group. By participating in these activities members will learn valuable tools that will aid in future leadership experiences.