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Your Network of Support

We're Here for You

  • Peer Advisor

    Your Peer Advisor (PA) is the most important person in the first year network, serving as a mentor and guide for the entire first year. Many students view their PAs as mentors, coaches, and trusted advisors, even maintaining connections to them long after their first year. These highly trained upper-class students serve as a resource of information, point of first contact, and link to programs and services. From simple gestures like offering congratulations for achievements, to lending a friendly ear during times of stress, you’ll find your PA genuinely committed to helping make your first year at Western New England great. 

  • Faculty Advisor

    Your Faculty Advisor is your principal resource for information on academic requirements and is consulted prior to completing your course registration.

  • Course Instructor

    From Mathematics to English, your course instructors will help you make the shift to assuming personal responsibility for your academic success.

  • Residence Advisor

    A Resident Advisor (RA) is an upper-class student living in each residence hall who helps students become acclimated to the responsibilities of living on campus and organizes floor programming to help build a sense of community.

  • United & Mutually Equal Mentor

    A United & Mutually Equal Mentor is an upper-class peer mentor who assists students in United & Mutually Equal, the University’s diversity club.

  • Peer Tutor

    A Peer Tutor is a student who tutors students in a wide variety of subjects. Other tutors are available at the Writing, Math, and Science Centers.

  • Student-Athlete NCAA Life Skills Mentor

    A Life Skills mentor is an upper-class student athlete who provides special academic, time management, and life skills advisement specific to the freshman student-athlete experience.

  • Supplemental Instruction Leader

    Your Supplemental Instruction Leaders is an upper-class student who models and fosters effective strategies for succeeding in challenging courses.

  • Engineering Alumni Mentor

    An Engineering Alumni Mentor is a College of Engineering graduate who is matched with a freshman to offer career advice.