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Ways to Give

Thank you for supporting Western New England University. There are multiple ways in which you can make your gift. The most common are through our online giving form, by mail or over the phone. Additional options are also below in the expandable sections of this page. Contact the Advancement office if you have any questions prior to or after you have made you contribution.


Use our giving form.

By Mail:

Make your check payable to Western New England University; mail to:
Western New England University
Advancement Office
1215 Wilbraham Road
Springfield, Massachusetts 01119

By Phone:

We accept MasterCard, VISA, Discover, and American Express.
Telephone: (800) 962-6592 or (413) 782-1335

Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds

Gifts of appreciated stocks, bonds, and mutual funds allow you to make a contribution and deduct the full-market value of the security at the time of the gift. You can also avoid the capital gains tax on qualified assets given to Western New England University. Click the button to view the PDF instructions on making stock transfers.
Stock Transfer Instructions

Employer Matching Gifts

If you or your spouse works for one of the many companies that offer matching gifts, your philanthropy can have greater impact. You will be recognized for the full amount of your gift, plus any resulting match. To have your gift matched from your/your spouse's current employer (or previous employer if you are retired) you will need to complete a matching gift form from your company and forward it to the University at the address at the top of this page. Thank you for taking this extra step to double the impact of your generosity!

Pay tribute with your gift

A contribution made in honor or memory of a teacher, student, family member, or friend is a thoughtful remembrance. Please note the name of the person you are paying tribute to when you make your gift.

Establish a Legacy Through Your Estate

Bequests are contributions made through your will. A bequest can be a specific asset, fixed sum of money, or a percentage or residue of your estate. Your gift may be entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction for its full value. Those who include Western New England University in a will are recognized as members of The Cupola Society. For further information and sample bequest language, visit our Planned Giving website.

Charitable Gift Annuities and Chairitable Trusts

Life income gifts -- such as charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts -- let you make a larger contribution now while receiving a guaranteed income for life, and at rates higher than other conservative investments. By establishing a charitable gift annuity, you will be recognized as a member of The Cupola Society at Western New England University. For more information, go to our Planned Giving website.

Use retirement plan assets

In many cases, naming family or heirs as the beneficiaries of your retirement plan can subject them to both income and estate taxes, thereby reducing the benefits they will receive by 50 percent or more. By making a gift of retirement plan assets to Western New England, the University will receive the full amount, avoiding income and estate taxes and giving you the option of leaving more tax-advantaged, non-retirement plan assets to your family.

Additionally, The Pension Protection Act of 2006 offers special incentives for those who are 70 ½ and older to make charitable gifts from regular and Roth IRA accounts. Starting at age 70 ½, donors can make contributions directly to qualified charitable organizations such as Western New England University from their IRAs. Each person with an IRA can contribute up to $100,000 per year without declaring the donated amount as income.

Click here to learn more.

What is a donor advised fund?

In some cases, a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) -- a charitable giving account created by an individual, family or organization -- may be an option as a vehicle through which to make a contribution to Western New England University. Please inquire with Elizabeth Simpson, Associate Director of Planned Giving at elizabeth.simpson@wne.edu or (413) 796-2108 to learn more.

Gifts-in-Kind and Real Estate

In-kind gifts include personal property such as equipment, furniture, or artwork, to name a few examples. Personal property can provide a way of making a significant contribution. Before making such a gift, it is important to contact the University to determine whether the items you have in mind to donate are needed or will be accepted by the University. Certain regulations apply.

Gifts of real estate can take various forms, including the outright gift of a home, building, or property; or a retained life estate arrangement in which you make a gift of your residence to the University today but continue to live in it. Such gifts provide a substantial contribution to the University while giving you tax benefits such as savings on capital gains and estate taxes.

Please call the Advancement Office at (413) 782-1372 if you are interested in learning more about gifts of personal property.