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What is the charge for being seen in Health Services?

There is no charge either directly to the patient or their health insurance for services rendered by any health care provider in Health Services. Students will be charged for laboratory testing, prescriptions, x-rays, and specialists. 


Labwork is drawn in Health Services and sent out daily to Baystate Reference Laboratory. Health Services will order or draw labwork ordered by your provider and send results with your permission. As not all insurances cover this laboratory, it is the your responsibility to determine if your insurance covers Baystate Reference Laboratory and for any outstanding cost incurred


Can you prescribe prescriptions that I get from home?

Yes. All providers in Health Services have full prescriptive authority and will prescribe most medications.  

What does Health Services provide for Contraception and STD testing?

Health Services counsels and prescribes most forms of birth control. Plan B is available in Health Services for purchase. Condoms are available in our reception area free of charge. All STD testing and counseling is available and confidential.