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Dry Cleaning & Tailoring Drop-off and Pick-up Services

On-Campus Schedule Tuesdays & Fridays 12:30-1:00 p.m. Campus Center 12:30 p.m. Law School
Interested in learning more about stops at other buildings? Contact Mike Brunelle at 413-214-5183 for more information.

Crown is a family run business, with over 45 years of experience and we think you will be pleased with their service. All transactions, cash and otherwise, will be handled directly with Crown Cleaners. Any questions or issues that may arise should be addressed to Crown. The University assumes no responsibility for any damage that could occur.

Premier Source Credit Union

USI Affinity Voluntary Insurance Program


Planning for Medicare



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PVTA Bus Passes Available On Campus

PVTA bus passes can be purchased at the bank located within Enrollment Services in the D’Amour Library Building. There are both seven-day and thirty-one day passes available. These types of passes provide unlimited bus rides (including changes) during the assigned time period. Seven-day passes cost $12.50 each and thirty-one day passes cost $45.00 each.  Please note that single ride and one-day passes can be purchased on the bus.

Information concerning the PVTA, including maps and schedules, is available at (Enrollment Services) the University Pass purchase station. Additionally you can find information on the PVTA website at http://www.pvta.com.

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Carpooling Made Easy                  

In 2009 Western New England University partnered with MassRIDES, a division of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation, as to help reduce the number of drive alone commute trips to and from the Campus. MassRides works to match similar commute trips amongst individuals as to encourage and form local carpools. Recently, in order to enhance the benefits of green commuting, MassRIDES partnered with NuRide, the nation’s largest commuter rewards program.  Now, through NuRide, individuals traveling via “green trips” (i.e. biking, walking, carpooling or via public transportation) can take advantage of a number of available rewards. In order to begin, individuals must visit the link below and register. Please be sure to indicate affiliation with Western New England University when registering.

NuRide is a free online program which allows individuals to obtain points when travelling via a mode other than drive alone commuting. By tracking “green trips” through NuRide, individuals can collect and then redeem accumulated points for rewards such as restaurant coupons or discounts at local and national retailers.

NuRide will also now house the ridesharing database. If individuals are looking to join or start a carpool, NuRide will allow the opportunity to network with other members, colleagues and class mates who might be traveling a similar route.

“NuRide allows people to see how much money they have saved, and what the environmental benefit has been, by avoiding car trips,” said Daniel Allalemdjian, worksite outreach coordinator at MassRIDES. “I always say, if you’ve got a tough schedule, try integrating carpooling into your commute once a week, and growing it from there."

For more information and to join NuRide, click here.

Wholesale Warehouses (members only)

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BJ's Wholesale offers Western New England Univeristy employees a discounted membership twice a year

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