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Open Student Employment Positions

Interviewer (Job ID: 1858)

Department: Western New England University Polling Institute | Supervisor: Tim Vercellotti
Start Date: 10/1/2019

Job Description: Conduct telephone surveys for the Western New England University Polling Institute in Churchill 303. Work-study students are welcome, but students do not need to have work-study funding for this position.

Qualifications: Personable, enthusiastic, dependable, excellent command of spoken and written English. Students must complete the I-9 form in the Human Resources Office in Rivers Memorial before they can start work. They must bring either (1) a passport; or (2) a combination of photo identification and either a certified copy of their birth certificate or a Social Security card to complete the I-9 form. International students will need to apply for a Social Security card, and the University can help with that process.

Student Patrol (Job ID: 2010)

Department: Public Safety | Supervisor: Jesse Lee and Jason Keaveney
Start Date: 8/16/2019

Job Description: STUDENT PATROLTo be assigned as a team with one other Patroller to conduct foot and bike patrols in all areas of the University, as well as University property located on Valley Road and Bellamy Road. The times of assignment are on weekdays, weeknights, and weekends in varying types of weather. A Student Patroller is responsible for the protection of all persons on University property, their personal property as well as University property and / or property associated with the University. They are to be observant for any and all situations that occur on University property that need to be reported to University Police.

Qualifications: Must be capable of submitting clear and concise reports concerning all incidents occurring while on duty.Must possess good verbal communications skills.Must be capable of typing a brief summary of patrol events into the daily log. Must be thoroughly familiar with all other responsibilities and limitations.Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5 G.P.A.

Student Security Assistant (Job ID: 2654)

Department: Public Safety | Supervisor: Jesse Lee and Jason Keaveney
Start Date: 8/26/2019

Job Description: STUDENT SECURITYWork under the direction of one or more security Supervisors to ensure that a safe environment is maintained at the Alumni Healthful Living Center. The student assigned to this position will be responsible for conducting security and access control procedures, observing and reporting any instances of suspicious activity, intrusion, vandalism, or maintenance problems to their immediate supervisor. They will be responsible for conducting thorough building inspections at both locations. They will further be assigned to provide security at a variety of special events.

Qualifications: Must be a person of high moral standards, neat, personable, articulate, and be capable of maintaining his/her composure under stressful situations.Must possess strong verbal communications skills.Must have and maintain a minimum 2.5. G.P.A.

Receptionist (Job ID: 2681)

Department: Health Services | Supervisor: Kathy Reid
Start Date: 8/28/2017

Job Description: Employee will assist the Office Manager and healthcare providers as needed in the daily operation of the Health Services office. Good telephone etiquette and knowledge of office equipment is necessary. Ability to work well with minimal supervision. Outgoing personality and friendly demeanor a MUST.

Homecoming Assistant (Job ID: 3208)

Department: Alumni | Supervisor: Kristina Oleksak
Start Date: 9/18/2019

Job Description: *Homecoming Assistant*Duties will include a combination of:Essential Job Functions:1)Event set up & breakdown2)Assisting with registration3)Serving as ambassadors to our Alumni4)Give guided tours of campusREQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND ABILITIES:1)General knowledge of campus buildings and events2)Good communication skills, friendly and outgoing in natureERGONOMIC REQUIREMENTS:1)Walking around campus possibly for an extended period of time2) Ability to lift boxes- not exceeding 25lbs

Qualifications: This position is open to members of the current Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior classes. This position requires students of an outgoing nature, eager to interact with alumni and other constituents of the University.

Grader (Job ID: 4204)

Department: Computer Science and Information Technology | Supervisor: Jackson
Start Date: 8/8/2018

Job Description: Grading various computer science and/or information technology assignments.

Qualifications: Must be computer science or information technology major with a 2.8 gpa.

Lab Assistant (Job ID: 4205)

Department: Computer Science and Information Technology | Supervisor: Dr. Jackson
Start Date: 8/27/2018

Job Description: Position involves overseeing and maintaining the hardware and software in the Hoyt Warner CS&IT lab.

Qualifications: CS or IT major with at least 2.8 GPA

Lab Assistant (Job ID: 5566)

Department: Physical and Biological Sciences | Supervisor: Alexander Wurm
Start Date: 8/26/2019

Job Description: Assist lab instructor during lab and in preparing and cleaning up laboratories

Qualifications: Science or engineering major, must have taken course previously at WNE.

America Reads Tutor (Job ID: 6387)

Department: Office for Student Volunteerism (CC233) | Supervisor: Kristen McClintock
Start Date: 9/16/2019

Job Description: Tutors of the America Reads program work with K-12 students in the Springfield Public Schools. Most placements are within walking distance of the University and occur during public school hours. Work hours are flexible. All tutors receive support from the Office for Student Volunteerism and from the teachers/staff members at their placement school. Cub Connections, a branch of America Reads, is an on-campus tutoring and mentoring program designed in partnership with Duggan Academy. Cub Connections meets twice a week in the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy (CSP) on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Tutors of this program work one-on-one or in small groups assisting middle school and high school students with homework assignments.

Qualifications: All tutors must pass a CORI background check and be in good disciplinary and academic standing.Previous tutoring experience is not required.

Teaching Assistant (Job ID: 7221)

Department: Psychology | Supervisor: Administrative Assistant in Psychology and Chair of Psychology
Start Date: 9/3/2019

Job Description: -Task-Oriented support for supervisor and Psychology/Neuroscience faculty.-Tutoring Students as needed with Psychology courses studies.-Assist faculty with research and data collection/entry as needed.

Qualifications: Psychology Major

ME Lab Assistant (Job ID: 13391)

Department: Mechanical Engineering | Supervisor: Dannielle Croft
Start Date: 9/9/2019

Job Description: 1) Oversee all lab activities and act as the first point of contact in the main mechanical engineering lab. Alert the lab supervisor of concerns. 2) Assist students and faculty in finding supplies and tools, and remind users to return all items.3)Maintain the appearance and inventory of the toolbox and supply cabinets, and alert the lab supervisor to any damaged or missing items and low inventory.4) Enforce all lab rules, especially the use of personal protective equipment. Alert the lab supervisor of any issues and contact public safety in the case of emergency.5) Assist in the setup of mechanical engineering labs in both the main lab and the materials lab. Student will have the opportunity to supervise labs if interested. 6) Perform any needed administrative tasks for the lab supervisor including package opening/sorting, mail delivery, printer paper ordering/refill. Workers may also help assemble/dissemble equipment. 7)Students may also be asked to help research/execute larger lab improvement projects.

Qualifications: 1) Student must be an undergraduate mechanical engineering major.2) Student must be organized.3)Student must be safety-oriented and follow all lab and equipment use rules. 4)Student must be have strong communication skills.