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Connections Mentoring Program

Connections Mentoring Program

The United and Mutually Equal Mentoring Program at Western New England University helps students make a connection and build lasting relationships among the incoming underrepresented students and upperclass students who are members of U&ME.

The program was created with the belief that personal relationships foster a sense of belonging and community that will allow incoming freshman to create a bond with someone who is able to help them integrate into college life, and who may have had a shared or similar life experience. These connections enrich their college experience so that they remain at Western New England University for their entire four years, and become committed alumni and active participants in the Alumni Association.

Connections Mentoring Program Mission Statement

The United and Mutually Equal Connections Mentoring Program is committed to:

  • Pairing incoming freshman with an upperclassman mentor who is willing and dedicated to establishing and maintaining a successful mentor relationship.

  • Providing dedicated support and guidance to International, first generation and underrepresented students in areas of academic, personal, and social development.

  • Building positive and supportive relationships that will foster the transition from high school to college.

  • Focusing on the academic, cultural and social integration of students in addition to shaping them to become active leaders on the college campus.

  • Developing community awareness by increased involvement in the local community.

  • Eliminating potential isolation and loneliness often experienced by these students as they adjust to their new campus environment.


Mentors also work with Peer Advisors (PA) and Resident Advisors (RA) to ensure the success of their mentee/advisee


  • Monthly Workshops on Time Management, Study Skills, and Résumé Building

  • Roller skating, movie night, and other various fun activities

  • Weekly U&ME general meeting

  • Welcome dinner for incoming mentees and their mentors

  • Various trips throughout the year (New York, Washington D.C, etc) to become acquainted with other cultures

  • Collaboration with other clubs and organizations

  • Community Service



  • Brandon J. Moore – Senior Coordinator

  • Shamar Johnson – Coordinator

  • Adell Gadzey – Coordinator

  • Alana Torres - Coordinator in Training


Monthly Meetings

  • Join Us!

    Connections Monthly Meetings take place on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm in Campus Center B.

    * Due to the pandemic limiting space, our meeting location may vary on occasion. We will keep you posted. 

Video Corner

  • 2019 Early Arrival - Soul Train!