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United & Mutually Equal (U&ME)

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United & Mutually Equal is a multicultural student organization that is open to all students of Western New England University who have a desire to learn about people from different cultural backgrounds and ethnicities. The primary purpose of U&ME is to celebrate our differences and embrace our diversity, throughout the campus, as well as promote ideals of mutual equality, respect, and social justice. One way this is accomplished is through a variety of events and activities the club sponsors, such as campus wide cultural dinners, inspirational speakers, and festivals, just to name a few. The club encourages its members to seek opportunities to celebrate and provide opportunities to discuss our differences and celebrate our similarities.

The organization is also highly recognized for sponsoring the Annual Christmas Party for preschool age children, for serving dinner at various women's shelters, Ebony Food Festival & Gospel Concert, and for planning the first World Fest, which has now become part of our annual traditions. While this organization does focus on the greater Springfield community, it acts as a support system for students of color as well as a team to meet the needs of students on campus.

U&ME Executive Board Job Descriptions


A. Preside over all meetings.

B. Call special meetings in accordance with Article II of the United and Mutually Equal Constitution.

C. The President shall have the power and responsibility for the execution of all provisions of the Constitution and by-laws and all activities of the organization.

D. Perform such other duties as may be required.


A. To act as presiding officer, and perform any and all functions in Section III of the United and Mutually Equal Constitution in the absence of the President at a meeting.

B. To act as a focal point for programming and fundraising.


A. To record accurately and keep in permanent form the minutes of all meetings.

B. To notify the members of all regular and special meetings

C. To distribute at meetings and mail minutes to absent members.

D. To perform such other secretarial duties as would normally would be required


A. To verify and arrange for payment of all vouchers of expenditures, which have had previous approval of membership as, provided for in Article V, Section 2 of the by-laws.

B. To see that all monies of this organization are deposited and dispersed through the office of the Director of Student Activities and that an annual budget be submitted.

C. To file a complete report of financial conditions of the organization no less then three times a year – October, February and May 1st with the Director of Student Activities.

D. To coordinate any other contemplated disbursements with the budget.


A. Take pictures of events sponsored by United and Mutually Equal Organization.

B. Ensure pictures are posted in the United and Mutually Equal Photo Album.

C. Assists with the making, distribution and advertisement of flyers and initiating fundraisers.

U&ME Executive Board 2021-2022


  • President: BreAnna Lowrey (JR)


  • Vice President: Anuoluwapo Mustapha (JR)


  • Secretary: Eva Myers (SO)


  • Treasurer: Irakunda Roza (JR)


  • Marketing: Alana Torres (SO)


  • Historian: Makayla Normandie (JR)


Weekly Meetings

  • Join Us!

    U&ME meetings are every Thursday from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm in Campus Center A.

    *Due to the pandemic limiting space, our meeting location may vary on occasion. We will keep you posted.