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Computer Replenishment

Where does the money come from?

The University computer replenishment fund is managed by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) for the ongoing automatic replenishment of faculty, staff, and general lab computers. The fund is also used for necessary upgrades to existing machines (such as operating systems, additional memory, or software), as well as repairing and refurbishing University owned computers. The computer replenishment fund is not used to purchase peripheral hardware or supply items such as scanners, dvd players, multiple monitors, specialized keyboards or mice, facsimile machines, web cams, document cameras, headsets, microphones, batteries, etc. These items may be purchased through OIT using requesting departmental funds.

When will computers be replaced?

OIT will replace eligible* University-owned computers and standard software every five years depending on funding levels. This will ensure that minimum standards are met for all machines at the University. It will also ensure more effective network operations, and provide a higher level of support for the University community. While replenishment and allocation decisions are initiated based on the age of existing technology, the needs of the individual, placed within the broader context of overall faculty and staff needs and available funds are also considered.

All University-owned computers are inventoried and licensed software is installed prior to deployment. This allows us to determine when equipment was purchased, what funding source was used, what software is licensed on the machine, etc.

Guidelines for equipment

  • Generally, one computer per faculty or staff member will be provided through the University replenishment program. By the nature of their responsibilities, some individuals may require more than one computer. In such cases, department heads/supervisors may request from their Dean or Division Head that an exception be made. The Dean or Division Head will work with OIT to determine the requirements and appropriate purchase and funding distribution.

* Eligible computers and software are those for which funding was originally allocated and provisioned by the University. Non-eligible computers are those originally purchased through grant funding or donation.  Replacements of these units will need to be procured by OIT, however, funding will need to be provided by the department that requires the replacement. All department funded computer purchases require that the initial funding be provided and also that a permanent budget adjustment for 20% of the device cost is made so that ongoing funding will be available to make the additional device replenishable on a five year cycle. The OIT department will make a best effort to support non-eligible devices that are not replaced after five years, however no guarantee can be made for the continued support of those older devices and there's also a possibility that the older devices will need to be removed from our network for security reasons.

  • Desktop Windows computers are provided to all staff unless your job requires you to work from home or requires extensive travel. In those cases the Division Head will need to verify that a mobile device is required in order for you to perform the duties of your position.
  • Faculty are offered the option of desktop or laptop devices and may choose Windows or Apple Operating Systems.
  • Preferred equipment is chosen to meet the needs of the majority of faculty and staff. *However, there may be a need to upgrade or enhance these standard configurations in some cases. Requests for upgrades to standard equipment must be made through the Dean or Division Head and costs for upgrades that exceed standard costs will be funded through the requesting department.*In order to support the use of computer lab software applications required by some disciplines, there may be a need to adjust baseline configurations and costs allocated towards certain units. The configurations and costs will be a similar to that of a computer lab machine that has similar standard configuration requirements. Any configuration and cost adjustment will be done in order to support the institutional curricular guidelines and discipline specific requirements that may require these machines to have an upgraded video card, memory, processing speed, etc.  Since some of the supported lab software programs may require these baseline configurations and upgrades (per manufacturer specifications) in order to operate correctly, it is reasonable and appropriate that we also provide these standard configurations for specific units with these same requirements. The goal is to ensure that faculty are provided the baseline hardware and software configurations needed. Put another way - If a machine is provided to a faculty member, it must be able to run the software that they, and the students, are required to use in the computer labs. Anything above baseline costs will be funded from requesting departments.
  • Peripheral equipment such as scanners, external storage devices, web cams, document cameras, headsets, drawing tablets, external monitors, etc. for laptop computers may be purchased through OIT and funded through the requesting department.

Process Details

The Office of Information Technology will search the inventory of University-owned computers to identify those that are eligible for replenishment. Eligibility will be determined through review of inventory information, known problems identified by OIT staff through service visits, and communication with faculty and staff themselves. OIT will work to determine which ones are recommended for replenishment through the computer replenishment fund. If your computer is recommended for automatic replenishment, you will be contacted by the Divisional Administrator of Technology Services that is assigned to your school or division.  You will then work together to determine the best solution for your needs. If you have special requirements that exceed standard configuration, the request will be reviewed and approval and funding will need to be provided by your Dean or Division Head and the Assistant Vice President for OIT. Replenishments may be delayed at the staff/faculty member's request however they must be completed within the planned replenishment year.

Early Replenishment Requests

Early replenishment is justified only in cases where existing equipment is not meeting your needs, and cannot be made to do so with upgrades such as the operating system, memory, software enhancements, or repairs. Early replenishment requests must be approved by your Dean or Division Head and Assistant Vice President for OIT.

Preparation and delivery

Once new equipment arrives, it is prepared for use on campus. The computer is inventoried and marked; components are checked; standard networking, desktop, and inventory software are installed. OIT staff will contact you directly to set up a mutually-convenient time to deliver the new equipment.

Computer Back up

Prior to the equipment delivery, you will be contacted regarding an appointment to have a OIT member work with you to back up your current computer.

  • All files to be backed up need to be located in the “My Documents” folders. We cannot guarantee that information not in these locations will be backed up for transfer to the new computer.
  • Your files and applications will be transferred to your new hardware. Software applications for which WNE has licensed upgrades will be upgraded to their most recent versions.

Returning equipment

When a new computer is delivered, an old one must be collected. Please understand, that one computer must be returned to OIT for every new computer delivered. It is OIT's responsibility to allocate computing equipment as fairly as possible across the campus: your cooperation and understanding are critical to help make this happen.


Everything purchased through the University Replenishment Program is the property of Western New England University. If you need to relocate your computer from its original location, please contact the Service Desk at x-2200. The Service desk must also be notified in the event an of a faculty/staff member leaving employment, including retirement. As with keys and badges, the departing faculty/staff computer equipment must be left with the department. OIT staff will prepare it for re-use or redeployment.