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Public Computers

The Office of Information Technology maintains over 850 computers in numerous labs located throughout the campus. These can be found in D'Amour Library, Churchill Hall, Sleith Hall, Herman Hall, LaRiviere Center, the Blake Law School, and the Center for the Sciences and Pharmacy. Many of these are in computer classrooms which are available for use by students when vacant, however, over 150 computers are located in dedicated open public locations with unrestricted access. D'Amour Hall also offers 24x7 access to both Windows and Apple computers on the ground level, accessible from the rear door to the library.

Important note: All publicly available and classroom computers have configuration protection software installed. This software resets the computer to its original state when rebooted. When rebooted, all files that were deleted will reappear, all files that were added will be deleted, all files modified will return to their original state and all configuration and setting changes will be reverted. To save your work you must use a portable storage device such as a USB thumb drive. We highly recommend that you reboot before starting to work on any public or classroom computer so that modifications made prior to your arrival will not jeopardize the stability and performance of the computer.