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Adobe Connect


The Adobe Connect web conferencing system enables online meeting experiences for collaboration, virtual classrooms, and large scale webinars. Connect is primarily used to support College of Business graduate programs and courses within the School of Law, however a limited number of licenses are sometimes available for other uses. Adobe Connect is supported by OIT's Educational Technology & Training group; contact Sharon.Benoit@wne.edu to learn more.

Adobe Connect can be accessed at https://wne.adobeconnect.com.

A Web Conferencing System for Live Meetings

  • Audio options:
    • You can give microphone rights to none, only some, or all of your students. You can ask students to “raise their hands” to request microphone rights.
    • A “Single speaker” mode can also be used – anyone can speak, but only one person at a time.
  • Text chat allows participants to type comments.
  • Optional webcam use for presenter and/or participants.
  • Sharing
    • Share documents you uploaded to your Content Library, including PowerPoint, PDF, certain video formats.  
    • Share your entire computer desktop (students see your computer screen.)
    • Share an individual application window such as Excel, Word, or PowerPoint 
    • You can give a student full rights, so they can present for the class. 
  • Sessions can be recorded 
  • Other features
    • File share pod – upload files for student download.
    • Q&A pod – Manage student questions in an organized way.
    • Poll pod – interactive polling tool
    • Notes pod – Faculty presenter can type notes seen by all. 
    • Web links – provide list of links to students.