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Kodiak's Content tool is used to create, upload, link and organize course materials and course activities.  Content is the core of a well-designed online course.

Educational Technology offered online Kodiak Content workshops throughout summer 2020.  The resources below present the same information delivered during those workshops.  Please email edtech@wne.edu with questions or to schedule a one-on-one online meeting to fill in any missing details.


Content Workshop Handout (PDF)
The handout provided to attendees.
Sample Files (ZIP)
This ZIP file contains the sample Word, JPG, PowerPoint, and PDF files used during the demonstration.

VIDEO: Layout and Creating Modules (6:39)
About the four parts of Content, plus how to create modules.
VIDEO: Uploading Files (5:25)
How to upload files to course modules, including drag-and-drop method.
VIDEO: Viewing Content (3:21)
Content from a student's perspective.
VIDEO: Create a file (8:42)
Using the HTML editor to create a file directly within Kodiak.
VIDEO: Create a link (1:32)
Point your students to an external website.
VIDEO: Rearranging Modules and Topics (3:11)
Change the order of modules and topics.
VIDEO: Linking to Activities (8:07)
Demonstrates how link Assignments to course modules.
VIDEO: Hiding and Start,End, Due Dates (8:22)
Control access to course materials and activities.
VIDEO: Release Conditions (4:28)
Require students to do "that" before they're allowed to see "this".
VIDEO: Completion Tracking (3:41)
Who did what, and when?