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Daylight Experience

Kodiak is getting a fresh new look!  On May 21 2018 we'll be moving to a new mobile-device friendly design called the "DayLight Experience".  Watch this video for a preview:

What’s changing?

Kodiak (which is our name for D2L “Brightspace”) is getting a new look called the Daylight Experience. The core functionality will not be changing, but you will notice visual improvements:

• ‘Responsive’ design that supports phones and tablets.
• New fonts, icons, colors, and simpler formatting of widgets
• New “My Courses” widget represents courses with high-quality photos.
• Two tools have more intuitive names.

When will the change occur?

 D2L Inc. requires all customers to switch to the new look by August 2018. The change-over is currently scheduled for May 21, which is between the end of the current undergraduate spring semester, and the start of the summer sessions. However, note May 21 is in the middle of the spring 11-week graduate term which runs from April 9th through June 21.

  • If you are participating in any summer course, you will be using the new look for your entire course.
  • If you are participating in a course during the graduate 11-week spring term (Apr 9th through June 21) your course will switch to the new look overnight between Sun May 20 and Mon May 21 – there will be NO DOWNTIME.
  • Everyone else will begin the fall 2018 semester with the new look.


No, there will be no downtime associated with this update. The change-over will take place around 5AM on May 21. If you happen to be logged into Kodiak during the change-over, your work will not be interrupted.

What do I need to do to prepare?

Watch the video previewing the changes, and read this web page so you'll know what to expect.  Other than that, there’s no preparation necessary. Other colleges and universities have reported the change-over was a “non-event”. Everyone will eventually want to become more familiar with the new My Courses widget (described below) but based on reports from other D2L users and our own experience on a test system, Kodiak users should be completely comfortable with the new look in minutes.

How will the My Courses widget change?


The “My Courses” widget displays a list of your courses on the “My Home” page. This is currently a text-only listing, organized by semester. In the new design each course is represented by a high-quality photo. A course’s photo is randomly assigned from a curated image library, but instructors can select a different image from the library or upload their own.

The new My Courses widget automatically displays the current semester’s courses, plus any additional courses the user has “pinned” to the widget. Unpinned courses are still accessible via searches.

Here's a video overview of the new My Courses widget:

Which tools have new names?

“News” will become “Announcements”, and “Dropbox” will become “Assignments”. Also, the “Edit Course” link seen only by faculty will become “Course Admin”. Beyond the name changes, all of Kodiak’s tools function as they always have and except for the My Courses widget (described above) the changes are cosmetic.