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Echo360 ALP (Active Learning Platform)

Echo360 is a system for creating and streaming instructional videos and audio-only podcasts. In its latest incarnation, the product is called the “Active Learning Platform” or simply ALP.  ALP continues to support the creation and streaming of videos, while adding many new active learning tools that were formerly part of Echo360's Lecture Tools product.  Contact Suzanne.Orlando@wne.edu or Steven.Narmontas@wne.edu for an introduction to the new Echo360 ALP system. 

 Start learning about Echo360 here:  Echo360 Questions and Answers (October 2017)

Record in the Classroom

Record your actual class meetings. Rooms currently set up for recording include:

  • CSP 119, 200*, 300*, 400*, 301, 302, 305, 306, 307
  • Churchill 112
  • Sleith 100, 104, 105*, 106, 107*, 108*, 111*, 112, 218, 219, 220, 223, 301*
  • Herman 201, 300, 302, 312
  • LAW A, B, C, D, 1, 2, 3, 4
  • D'Amour 215

* denotes rooms with an Echo360 capture appliance, others use Echo360 Classroom Capture (CCAP) software.

Email edtech@wne.edu or call Suzanne Orlando at x1765 if you're interested in using Echo360 in a classroom that's not currently equipped.

WNE-specific guides:

Relevant Echo360 Help pages:

Record with your personal computer

Echo360's "Personal Capture" (PCAP) software allows you to use any computer (Windows or Mac) to create recordings and publish them to the Echo360 system.

Import videos from other sources

Echo360's media import function allows common media formats, such as mp3, m4v and wmv, to be uploaded to the system.  You can also use the Echo360 Mobile Upload app to record with your smartphone.

Accessing your echo360 recordings