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Final Reminders for International Student Orientation


We are very excited to welcome you to campus soon! Please confirm your arrival dates on the International Arrival Form in the Admissions portal, the schedule, and what to pack.

As you make your final preparations to arrive for orientation, there are few things to remember:

Travel Tips for passing through Customs & Border Protection

Please see this video for information on Arriving to the U.S. and passing through Customs & Border Protection.

Directions to Campus

Once in Springfield:

  • Students who live on-campus: Enter the campus at the intersection of Wilbraham Road and Evergreen Road and continue past the three round buildings to Public Safety. Once at Public Safety, you can collect keys to your housing and Public Safety may help you to your room. Public Safety is always open, so you can get your key any time of day/night. If you have a car, you will need a parking permit as soon as classes begin to ensure you do not receive a ticket.
  • Students who live off-campus: Parking is generally open during your initial arrival for orientation. Do not park in staff or handicapped spaces (unless you have a special tag). You will need a parking permit as soon as classes begin to ensure you do not receive a ticket.
  • All students will need a parking permit if you park a car on campus. Go to Connect2U, click on Campus Services/Public Safety/Parking Permit as soon as possible.

From Hartford: the best option is to take a taxi/Uber/Lyft from the airport to the University. This will save you the most time and be the most cost effective. 

From Boston: the best option is to take a bus from the airport to downtown Springfield. Past students generally use the Peter Pan Bus Company, who offers a 15% discount for students who use the checkout code: LOGAN15. This bus can pick you up from Logan International Airport and take you to the Springfield station. Depending on traffic and the amount of stops, it takes about 3.5-4 hours and costs $25 from Boston to Springfield. Once in Springfield, you should take a taxi/Uber/Lyft (available from the bus terminal) to the university. The ride should be no more than 15 minutes.

From New York City/Newark: there are numerous options available and will require you to take airport shuttles, buses, taxis, or trains. One of the best options is to get to the Port Authority Bus Station in New York City since there is a bus to take you to the Springfield Bus Terminal. Most students take the Peter Pan Bus Company to Springfield. You may also consider using Amtrak or Greyhound Buses. Once in Springfield, you should take a taxi/Uber/Lyft (available from the bus terminal) to the university. The ride should be no more than 15 minutes.

How/When/Where to get your housing key

Keys for on-campus students may be picked up from Public Safety at any time of day or night as they are always open. Take your passport with you to confirm you are eligible to pick up your key. Public Safety will likely process your student ID at the same time. If you need assistance getting to your room, Public Safety may be able to assist you.
Campus Map

Temporary Linens

All students living on-campus will be provided temporary linens. These linens must be returned by the end of the first week of class. If not, you will “own” the linens and a charge will be added to your student account.

Temporary Housing

The University can provide temporary housing while students search for off-campus housing. 

New undergraduate students should pre-register at least 5 business days in advance of arrival here

New graduate students should pre-register at least 5 business days in advance of arrival here.

If students pre-register through the Admissions portal, the cost if $100 per week. Those who are unable to pre-register will be charged $30/night. The maximum stay in temporary housing is two weeks. Failure to vacate temporary housing within two weeks of the arrival date will result in additional charges as deemed appropriate by the University.

Eating On-Campus

Food will be provided by International Student & Scholars Services during orientation and the Transtions Program at specific times only. You will need a voucher from either office to eat during orientation.

*You will need to have your ID to swipe in to access the University Commons once the meal plan begins.


Should you encounter an emergency, call Public Safety at 413.782.1411. Don’t forget to download the Rave Guardian App from the U.S. App store (log out of your app store and re-login to get the U.S. app store). The Rave Guardian App provides an instant connection to our Public Safety should you need assistance.