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Living Off-Campus

International students and scholars have numerous options when choosing their housing accommodations but International Student & Scholar Services recommends that you live on-campus to get the full Western New England University experience.

Starting Fall 2019, all new undergraduate students will be required to live on-campus unless certain exceptions are met.

The information here is intended to assist you if you are a graduate student or are an undergraduate who has met one of the exceptions. Please note that while the University has provided this list of resources, off-campus housing options are not affiliated with the University; therefore, ISSS does not endorse any of the options listed nor can we make off-campus housing arrangements for you. Each student is expected to ask appropriate questions to determine if the off-campus location is appropriate for themselves.

 **Remember when you live off-campus, you are representing the entire Western New England University community and the international students in particular. Be a good citizen and adhere to the expectations of your housing/neighborhood.**

Temporary Housing

  • Temporary Housing

    The University can provide temporary housing on-campus while students and scholars search for off-campus housing. 

    New undergraduate students should pre-register at least 5 business days in advance of arrival here

    New graduate students should pre-register at least 5 business days in advance of arrival here.

    Current students can contact isss@wne.edu or residencelife@wne.edu for assistance. 

    If students pre-register through the Admissions portal, the cost if $100 per week. Those who are unable to pre-register will be charged $30/night. The maximum stay in temporary housing is two weeks. Failure to vacate temporary housing within two weeks of the arrival date will result in additional charges as deemed appropriate by the University.

Tips for your search

  • Tips for your search

    Review the information here for assistance in your off-campus search. 


    Learn more here
  • Your Rights and Working With Your Landlord or Property Manager

    Review this information for your rights and tips on working with your landlord or property manager.

    Learn More Here
  • Utilities, Furnishing your Apartment, and More!

    Review the information here to learn about the types of utilities you may be expected to set up in your own housing, renter's insurance, and furnishing your apartment.

    Learn More Here
  • Off-Campus Housing Options

    Find a list of apartment complexes and hotels here.

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