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Tips for Your Search

Review the information below to learn basic information about your house search.

Set Your Budget and Preferences

When setting your budget, you should be realistic. Attempting to get a one-bedroom apartment for $400/month will be unlikely and cause you considerable stress. The average cost of a one-bedroom apartment is $1,000/month in Springfield as of February 2019. If you factor in utilities, transportation, furnishings etc., the cost of your apartment will be more than living on Western New England University’s campus.      

It is standard in the U.S. that you provide the first month’s rent, last month’s rent, and a security deposit as part of your confirmation. If your apartment is $800/month, you will likely need to pay $2400 upfront. This should be paid in the form of a money order or check. Do NOT pay in cash.

Take Your Time

When choosing your apartment, you should take your time and find something that works for your preferences, price range, and transportation needs. Check out the list of apartments or look online using the information below. Do NOT rent an apartment or house without seeing it in person: make an appointment with the manager during the day to inspect the unit. Take your roommates with you (or a friend).

Choosing a Neighborhood

Springfield has a wide array of neighborhoods to live in but you should choose one that fits your price range and transportation needs. The bus service does not go to all neighborhoods. A good resource to review is here. Western New England University is located in Sixteen Acres, a quiet residential area that has a variety of homes and shops.

Public Transportation

The Pioneer Valley Transportation Association serves Springfield and the surrounding areas. Review the bus schedule and determine which buses pick you up in your neighborhood and can bring you to campus. Only Bus B17 serves campus; the last bus is typically finished at 7 p.m. If you have a night class, you cannot take the bus home and will need to find alternative transportation.