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Utilities, Furnishing Your Apartment, and More!

There may be utilities that are not included in your lease agreement. You may be required to set these up, as well as furnish your apartment, and purchase renter's insurance.

Public Utilities: Electricity, Gas, Phone, Cable TV, Internet

*The information below is if you live in Springfield.

Gas and Electricity
Gas or electricity may be included in your rent. If it is not, contact Western Mass Electric for electricity and Columbia Gas for gas.

Water and Sewer
Water and sewer is usually included as part of your rent. If it is not, contact the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission.

Garbage and recycling is usually included as part of your rent, but sometimes it is not included so you can contact the Springfield Department of Public Works

To have high-speed Internet at home, you will need to purchase either DSL or cable service. To acquire Internet for your home (if not already installed by your landlord), you will need to contact the telephone company directly. Most people in the area use Comcast, Verizon, or Spectrum.

Renter’s Insurance

Renters insurance is available to anyone who rents a property and protects your valuables in case of fire, theft, or wind damage; damage done by others, and living expenses if you must vacate due to a natural disaster, among other things. Your property manager’s insurance covers the property itself, it does NOT cover your individual items.

Most renter’s insurance policy are quite affordable and can be purchased for approximately $100 for one year’s coverage.

Furnishing your Apartment

Furnishing your apartment is typically your responsibility unless you set up an arrangement with your landlord to get furniture; this typically requires a monthly fee.

Furnishing your apartment can be a struggle without access to a car as large items cannot be taken on public transportation (furnishings are provided for students who live on-campus). 

Nearby Shopping options:

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