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Nondiscrimination Statement: The facilities and resources of Career Services at the Western New England University School of Law are available only to those employers who do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, national origin or ethnicity, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. As a potential employer of our students we expect that you will abide by this nondiscrimination policy.

Career Services: A Valuable Resource for Today's Employers

Since our inception as Springfield-Northeastern in 1919, which subsequently became Western New England University, local and national employers have actively recruited students and graduates from our School of Law. Private law firms, government agencies, corporations, small businesses, and other public and private organizations find the office to be a valuable resource in the search for qualified legal professionals.

An Effective, Cost-Efficient Approach to Recruitment

Career Services is prepared to collaborate with you in a variety of ways to help meet your hiring needs. Our career professionals are available to discuss your specific requirements and how the office can assist you in recruiting students and alumni of the Law School.

Password-protected Online Job Postings (Symplicity) for Students and Alumni

You may advertise positions for full-time, part-time, or summer law clerk positions through Career Services at any time during the year. Just mail, fax 413-796-2292, e-mail jobpost@law.wne.edu, call us at 413-782-1416, or complete the job posting form by accessing the above link. We post position announcements daily in Symplicity, available to both students and alumni, without charge to employers. We also publicize positions in the Career Services' newsletter which is distributed to all full- and part-time students. The Assistant Dean of Career Services and Western New England University School of Law reserve the right to prohibit any organization from posting and recruiting on campus.

On-Campus Interviews and Résumé Collections

Beginning in late August and continuing throughout the year, Career Services arranges on-campus interviews for you with second-, third-, and fourth-year students. In addition, you may schedule interviews with first-year students beginning in January of their second semester. On-campus interviews provide an excellent opportunity to meet with and identify individuals whose academic achievements, legal interests, and practical skills are compatible with your organization. If you are unable or prefer not to perform on-campus interviews, we can collect and forward résumés to you or have interested students apply directly to you.

Employer Panels and Information Sessions

At any time throughout the academic year, you are welcome to participate in panel presentations and individual information sessions. Sponsored by Career Services, both programs provide timely forums for meeting with students and recent graduates to discuss immediate and upcoming employment opportunities within your organization. As a member of a panel, you will join other local and national employers from industries and legal backgrounds similar to yours, creating additional opportunities to address broader issues such as industry trends, current hiring practices, and other related topics. Individual information sessions offer a more intimate setting, providing the chance to speak specifically about your organization and to interact with participants on a more personal level. To find out more about these programs, call 413-782-1416.