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Faculty and Staff Event Planning

School of Law events enriches the life of the University and the community. The school of law hosts diverse and interesting events such as the Clason Speaker Series, the Color of Law Roundtable Series, the Gervino-Ward LGBTQ+ Speaker Series and more. In order to host a successful event, it is imperative that you devote time and attention to the planning process. It is essential to start planning as early as possible, especially if you are inviting an outside speaker or want to garner more community attendance. Sandra Marques will assist you in coordinating your event.

A Checklist for success

Find a date

Contact Sandra Marques who will check the Law School Event Calendar and the Event Scheduling System (ESS) to see if there are any conflicts with scheduled events.

If you want the Dean to make remarks or have a role in your event, please contact Dale-Marie Dahlke for available dates.

If there are speakers or faculty who are participating in your event, it is best to consider their schedules before selecting a date.

Reserving a room on the calendar

Once you have a viable date, provide Sandra Marques with the following information so she can add it to the ESS (Event Scheduling System) by completing the Faculty and Staff Event Planning form.

  • Room #
  • Time of Event
  • Estimated number of people expected
  • Room set-up (including types and number of tables and chairs and linen and skirting requirements)
  • Will you be serving food?
  • Will you be serving alcohol at the event?
  • Will you need AV/Media/OIT support?
  • Will you need the services of Public Safety for attendance at event or for unlocking doors?

Planning travel arrangements and accommodations

At least 5 weeks before event, obtain travel needs from outside speakers and make transportation and hotel reservations.  

  • What type of transportation to Springfield is needed? (Air, Train, Bus, Rental Car)
  • Will transportation be needed to/from the airport/train/bus station to hotel or law school?
  • If staying in a hotel, how many nights need to be reserved?
  • Do you need to reserve a block of rooms for multiple attendees?
  • Who is responsible for making travel and hotel arrangements?
  • Have you sent the Travel and Reimbursement policy and form to attendees?
  • Who is responsible for communicating reservation details to attendees?

Ways to recognize participants

  • Will you be offering an honorarium or stipend to participants?
  • What amount will you be offering for honorarium or stipend?
  • Has this amount been budgeted for? 
  • What budget account number will be used for check request?
  • Who will complete the Check Request form and submit it to Procurement 2 weeks prior to event?
  • Who will pick up the check at the bank located in SAS?
  • Who will present check to participant?
Swag Bag
  • Will you offer a "swag bag" to participants?
  • How many bags will need to be assembled?
  • What will each bag contain?
  • Where will you secure contents for bag?
  • Who will be responsible for assembling the bag?

Mementos are mostly for honors, such as retirements and other recognition events, where a plaque, chair, or medallion might be presented to a guest of honor. It could include a framed (or not) poster of the event presented to the speaker and/or obtaining a signed copy of a poster for our own use.

  • Will you be offering a memento to participants?
  • Has the cost been budgeted for? 
  • Who is responsible for obtaining memento?
  • When does memento need to be order to receive it prior to event date?

How will you arrange your room

University Events can assist you in your room set up.  They can provide expert guidance on how to arrange tables and chairs.  Sketches of detailed layouts should be sent to University Events at least two weeks before your event.

The items below are available for use:

  • Table types include:
    6 ft. tables
    8 ft. tables (limit of 5 if available)
    High Tops (There is an extra charge for high tops as they are rented from a party supply store.)
  • Will the tables need linen and table skirts?
  • Will you need brown folding chairs to be set-up? If yes, how many?
  • Is the brown chair set-up described in the diagram sent to campus events?


Ordering Food

All food must be ordered from Aramark through the Catertrax system four weeks prior to your event. 

If you want to serve food from an outside vendor you will need to request a Waiver from Aramark two weeks prior to event.

  • Does your event require refreshments?
  • How many people do you need refreshments for?
  • Does your budget include food costs?
  • What budget account number will you be using?
  • Who will be ordering the food?
  • When do you need food delivered on the day of the event?
  • Are you using an outside food vendor? 
  • If using an outside vendor has the Aramark Waiver form been completed and submitted?


Approval to serve alcohol

If you plan to serve alcohol at your event, you must start the approval process four weeks before your event. However, since this is a time consuming and complicated process, it is suggested that you start the approval process six weeks before the event. Alcohol may not be served without an approval. To request approval complete the Request to Serve Alcohol Beverages form and submit it to Melissa Lambert. 

  • Read the Alcohol Policy Guidelines for an Event
  • Who will complete and submit the Request to Serve Alcohol form?
  • Have you arranged for a bartender with Aramark?
  • How will you serve the alcohol? (Bar, table, or combination of both)
  • Will alcohol be sold?
  • What type of alcohol beverages will be served?  (Beer, wine, champagne, or wine cooler)
  • Will you also have food at event?  (Non-alcoholic beverages and substantial food must be served and prominently displayed for ready accessibility for an event serving alcohol)

Melissa Lambert

Planning for Audio Visual and OIT Needs

Advise Campus Events of your A/V needs at least 2 weeks prior to the event.  OIT Equipment should be requested through an OIT Work Order using Connect2U.

  • Will you need a technician? For the entire event or for set-up only?
  • How many table microphones are needed?
  • How many lavaliers are needed?
  • Is the Podium with microphone needed?   
  • Will participants require access to internet?
  • If not using classroom AV, will the event require: laptop? laptop projector? screen? power strips?
  • Who will contact Campus Events to request Audio Visual equipment and services?
  • Who will complete OIT work order for OIT services?
  • Does your event need to be recorded?
  • Does the recording need to be placed in the Digital Commons?
  • Do DVDs need to be made of event? How many?
  • Have non-employee and non-alum participants completed a video release form?
Live Streaming
  1. Does the event need to be LIVE STREAMED to Law Common from Moot Courtroom?
  2. Does event need to be LIVE STREAMED to Web from Moot Courtroom?  

Event Security

Request Public Safety services at least two weeks before the event. This is done through the campus events office.

  • Will you need a Police Officer present at your event?
  • Will you need doors unlocked by campus security for event?
  • Will you need security personnel present at event?
  • Should parking tickets be suspended during event? If yes, notify Lieutenant Purcell.
  • Who will notify Campus Events of your security needs?

Marketing the event

In order to successfully publicize your event, it is important first to consider your desired audience. Then, make a plan for inviting people and publicizing your event.

Contact Marketing at least 4 weeks before event if you need Marketing services to assist in creating promotional materials. Marketing can assist with creating an HTML template for emails, flyers, mailers, posters, and press releases.

  • Determine if your budget includes advertising costs.  
  • Determine how much of your total budget you want to spend on advertising.

You can get the word out in many different ways.

Post event internally by:
  • Creating posters (8 x 11 for Events Board and 9 x 13 to put up a few days before event)
  • Adding event to Web Calendar as soon as you have secured a date
  • Advertising on University Posts and Installments
  • Advertising on law school’s social media.
  • Sending an email blast
  • Contacting Alumni Relations requesting notification to Law Alumni through various mediums including email blast, Law Digest, Perspectives, and Law Minute
Post event externally by:
  • Working with Marketing to create promotional materials
  • Advertising in the Hampden County Bar Association newsletter
  • Advertising on the Western Mass Visitors' Bureau Calendar
  • Advertising in Reminder online calendar
  • Advertising on Republican online calendar
  • Advertising on AALS
  • Advertising on Cypress media (National Jurist, PreLaw)
Campus Contact:

Public Relations - Judy Curran (413) 796-2324
Printed Matter - Matt Reilly (413) 782-1541

Arrange for Photography

If you would like photos taken of your event, please contact Luke Haughwout in Marketing.

Day of Event Contact Numbers

University Events
Cathy Rivet
 (413) 782-1574

Carla Lussier (413) 519-6212 

Audio Visual
Bill Arnold (413) 782-1737

Anne Houlihan (413) 796-2052

Dawn Taylor (413) 782-1636
Food Services (413) 796-2196

Public Safety
Non-emergency line: (413) 782-1207

Faculty and Staff Event Planning Form