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First Assignments



LAW 500 Introduction to the Law (Steiner)

LAW 508 Lawyering Skills I (Cohen, Freeman, Kaiser)

LAW 505 Criminal Law (Baldwin)

LAW 509 Civil Procedure (Miller)

LAW 513 Torts (Steiner)

LAW 695 Academic Success Workshop (Orlen)





LAW 551 Business Organization (Gouvin)

LAW 553 Evidence (Baldwin)

LAW 555 Income Tax I (Royal)

LAW 575 Professional Responsibility (O'Regan)

LAW 599 Advanced Legal Analysis I (Dion)

LAW 601 Electronic Discovery (Winseck)

LAW 605 Corporate Social Responsibility (Reich-Graefe)

LAW 616 Employee Benefits Law (Kenneally)

LAW 632 Law Office Management (Agen)

LAW 639 Special Education Law (Thompson)

LAW 640 Federal Income Tax Simulation (Royal)

LAW 643 Family Law (Levi)

LAW 674 Employment Discrimination (Buzuvis)

LAW 681 Trial Methods (TBA)

LAW 688 Bioethics (Noah)

LAW 690 Sexual Orientation, Gender ID & Law (Levi)

LAW 694 Conveyancing (Knickerbocker)

LAW 695 Academic Success Workshop (Orlen)

LAW 696 Landlord & Tenant (Donnelly)

LAW 702 Products Liability (Grant)

LAW 705 Administrative Law (Buzuvis)

LAW 727 Juvenile Justice (Chapman)

LAW 744 Sales (Charity)

LAW 778 International Business Transactions (Reich-Graefe)

LAW 796 Criminal Procedure Adjudication (Hiser)

LAWE814/LAWE912 Law Practice/Judicial Externships (Cohen)

LAW 962 Comparative Corporate Law (Gouvin)

LAW 964 Corporate Finance for Closely Held Business (Reich-Graefe)

LAWE 640 Federal Income Tax Simulation (Royal)

LAWE 728 Mediation (Farmer)

LAWE 769 Negotiation, Mediation & Arbitration (Sykes)

LAWE/LAWW 788 Child, Family & State (Kaiser)

LAWE/LAWW 797 Federal Litigation PreTrial Phase (Mastroianni)

LAWE 907 Legal Service & Immigration Skills Seminar (Shaw)

LAWE 920 Criminal Law Prosecution Clinic & Seminar (Cafaro)

LAWW 706 Criminal Procedure: Investigation (Baldwin)

LAWW 709 Legislation (Wolf)

LAWW 762 International Law (Charity)

LAWW 960 Labor & Employment (Freeman)