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First Assignments

SPRING 2019 

LAW604                 Advanced Business Torts

LAW501 Sec 12      Constitutional Law

LAW501-Sec13       Constitutional Law

Law503                   Contracts

LAW739                  Copyright Law

LAW 617                  Criminal Pre-Trial Practice

LAWE976                Elder Law Clinic and Seminar 

LAWW959               End of Life Law

LAW553                   Evidence

LAW724                   Federal Courts and Jurisdiction

LAW622                   Federal Criminal Law

Law716                     First Amendment Rights

LAW686                   Health Care Liability and Quality

LAWW651                 Immigration Law

LAW792                    International Human Rights

LAWE912                  Judicial Externship and Seminar

LAWW642                Law and Social Change

LAWE814                  Law Practice Externship and Seminar

LAW958                   Legal Issues in  Digital Media

LAW735                    Police Misconduct

LAW615                    Probate Court Practice

LAW511 Sec 12         Property

LAW511 Sec 13         Property

LAW784                   Criminal Procedure Survey

LAWW623                Title IX: Sex Discrimination in Education

LAW760                   Trademark Law

LAW 748                  Trusts and Estates