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2018 Dean's Awards Reception

Eric Gouvin hosted his fifth and final Dean’s Awards Reception on April 18 in the Law School Common. The event celebrated the achievement of outstanding student scholarship, research, moot court competition, and Student Bar Association participation, as well as Professor of the Year Awards.

Awards and recipients

Catherine Bean Street Scholarship Award
  • Heidi K. Waugh
Legal Research & Writing Program Iijima Awards:
  • Honorable Mentions
    • Trisana Spence and Mitchell Renfrew
  • Runners-up
    • Niko Kitteredge and Sean McCabe
  • Best Brief
    • Victoria Arend
Moot Court Awards:
  • American Association for Justice
    • Kristopher E. Toomey, Joshua C. Egler, Tonisa D. Nails, Sarita E. Manigat, Claribel Morales, Domonica Jeffress, Jeremy Forgue, and Michael Small
  • Transactional Law Meet
    • Karen Tiroletto Santiago, Joseph Masse, and Heather Merrill,
  • Jessup International
    • Mayrose Gravalec-Pannone, Melinda Blankenship, Pascale Jean-Gilles, and Paul Stabile
  • Negotiation
    • Thomas Holman, Joseph Masse, Ryan Davie, and Heidi Waugh
  • National
    • Shannon Kennedy, Christopher Loud, and Jacob Winniman
SBA Representative of the Year
  • Sean McCabe
SBA Committee of the Year
  • Social Committee
SBA Commencement Designations
  • Grand Marshall: Arthur Wolf
  • Marshalls: Sudha Setty and Julie Steiner
  • Hooders: Bridgette Baldwin, René Reich-Graefe, and Justin Dion
Adjunct Professor of the Year
  • Mary Hiser
Catherine J. Jones Professor of the Year
  • Sudha Setty