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Lex Brevis


Lex Brevis is the student newspaper of Western New England University School of Law. It is published three or four times a semester. Produced by students, the newspaper is an institution at the School of Law

In 2003, Lex Brevis was recognized by the American Bar Association's Law School Division at their Summer Meeting with three honorable mention awards in the categories Best Newspaper, Best Feature Article, and Best Editorial.

The mission of Lex Brevis is to serve the Western New England University School of Law student body and law school community as a student-run media outlet and an informative periodical. Containing articles of a more academic nature as well as those for entertainment, Lex Brevis aims to publish a variety of pieces in each issue and provide a place for members of the Western New England University School of Law community to have their voices heard.

Lex Brevis enthusiastically welcomes submissions from law students, faculty and staff, alumni, and other members of the legal community.


Editor-In-Chief:  Kerri Ann Manning
Managing Editor:  Anuj Desai
Copy Editor:  Julie Page
Content Editor:  Sophia Castillo
Proofread Editors:  Cheyanne Clark, Matthew Schmidt
Marketing/Outreach Editor: Veronice Santana
Design/Layout Editor:  Nicholas Smith
Photographer:  Zac Broughton 
Staff Writers:
Garrett DeSantis
Chelsea Donaldson
Carole Gillespie
John Magistro
Tiffany Marrow
Sara McMahon
Joevonne Brace-Tillery

Faculty Advisor: Professor Miller

Current Puplications

  • Publications from 2015 to 2017

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Earlier Publications

  • Publications from 2008 through 2013

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Lex talk
left to right: Dean Eric Gouvin, Editor Amara Ridley, Attorney Robert Harnais

On April 18, 2016 Lex Brevis hosted LEX Talk: an evening with Massachusetts Bar President, Attorney Robert Harnais. You may view recording here.

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For more information, please contact:

Amara Ridley 
Editor-In-Chief, Lex Brevis