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Below is a listing of our current faculty. If you can't find someone you're looking for, please refer to the University's directory for a complete listing of all faculty and staff contact information.

Full-Time Faculty

Baldwin, Bridgette
Professor of Law

Belbin, Nicole
Associate Dean for Library and Information Resources

Buzuvis, Erin
Professor of Law
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Carasik, Lauren
Clinical Professor of Law

Cohen, Beth
Interim Dean, School of Law
Director, Legal Research and Writing Program

Dion, Justin
Asst Dean of Academic & Bar Success & Prof of Legal Skills

Dirar, Luwam
Assistant Professor of Law

Freeman, Harris
Professor of Legal Research and Writing

Gouvin, Eric
Professor of Law
Dean Emeritus

Lantagne, Stacey
Professor of Law

Levi, Jennifer
Professor of Law

Mahon Scoles, Jessica
Assistant Professor of Law

Martinez, Montana
Assistant Professor of Law

Newcombe, Patricia
Professor of Law Library Research

Odunsi, Tolulope
Assistant Professor of Law

Orlen, Myra
Professor of Legal Research and Writing

Quintero, Claudia
Assistant Professor of Law

Reich, Barbara
Professor of Law

Reich-Graefe, Rene
Professor of Law

Royal, Frederick
Professor of Law
Consultant to Non-J.D. Programs

Statchen, Robert
Associate Clinical Professor of Law

Steiner, Julie
Professor of Law
Director of the Institute for Legislative and Governmental Affairs

Taub, Jennifer
Professor of Law

Webster, Timothy
Professor of Law

Adjunct Faculty

Agen, Michael
Alexander, Heidi
Belbin, Nicole
Belletsky, Marc
Belsky, Charles
Broughton, Zachary
Campos, Alfred
Cassidy, Michele
Clemmer, Ariel
Darling, Hyman
Dingley, James
Donnelly, James
Dulles, Aaron
Farmer, Devlin
Feinstein, Michele
Gee, Talia
Grant, Alex
Harpaz, Leora
Hiser, Mary
Hug, Christopher
Jacques, Cheryl
Kaiser, Jeanne
Katz, Elizabeth
Kaufman, Oran
Kenneally, Donna-Rae
Knickerbocker, Jeffrey
Lewis, Melanie
Liberti, Vincent
Lihn, Caleb
Lux, Beth
Maine, Jeffrey
Mango, Thomas
Mastroianni, Mark
McGee, Todd
Monroe, Colleen
Parrot, Margot
Pieropan, Joseph
Rodriguez-Ross, Elizabeth
Shukla, Deepika
Simpson, Elizabeth
Sjoberg, Stefan
Spano, Stephen
Stankavish, Michael
Stewart, John
Wadlinger, Nathan
Whalley, Christopher
Woodruff, Leigh
Worthington, Mark

Emeritus Faculty

Adomeit, Peter
Baker, William
Cohen, Amy
Goldstein, Anne
Gordon, James
Harpaz, Leora
Kaiser, Jeanne
Kalodner, Howard
Leavens, Arthur
Metzger, William
Miller, Bruce
Stonefield, Samuel
Wolf, Arthur