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Tim Webster

Associate Professor of Law
Education: B.A. , Yale University, M.A., Yale University, J.D., Cornell Law School, LL.M., Cornell Law School
Courses Taught: International Business Transactions, International Human Rights Law, IP Survey, Property
Office: Room 301, S. Prestley Blake Law Center

Tim Webster teaches International and Comparative Law at Western New England University.  He began his academic career as a lecturer at Yale Law School, and senior fellow at Yale’s China Center.  He then joined Case Western Reserve, where he was a professor, director of Asian Legal Studies, and co-founder of the Joint Program in International Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution with a Chinese law school.  He holds or has held visiting professorships at the University of Paris—Dauphine, National Taiwan University (Taipei, ROC), Southwest University of Political Science and Law (Chongqing, PRC), and l’Institut d’Économie Scientifique et de Gestion (IÉSEG School of Management, Paris).  He also litigated in New York and Tokyo, and clerked in Boston.

Webster writes about the interactions between international law and the domestic legal systems of East Asia, from international trade and foreign investment, to transnational human rights litigation.  His latest work, on East Asia’s World War II reparations movement, appears in the Virginia, Harvard, N.Y.U., and Stanford Journals of International Law.  Recent book contributions include Just Peace After Conflict: Jus Post Bellum and the Justice of Peace (Oxford University Press, 2020), and the Cambridge Handbook of China and International Law (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming).  He has presented his research in French, Japanese, and Mandarin to over 150 conferences, symposia, and workshops in Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas.  He has testified before Congress, and written for local, national, and international media.

Webster chairs or has chaired interest groups for the American Society of International Law, American Association of Law Schools, Asian Society of International Law, and the American Society of Comparative Law, where he currently serves on the Executive Committee.  He edits various international and comparative law journals, and is a member of the U.S.-Japan Network for the Future, and Public Intellectuals Program of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

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Book Chapters

Timothy Webster, The Solid State of State Immunity in China, in CAMBRIDGE HANDBOOK OF CHINA AND INTERNATIONAL LAW (Cai Congyan & Ignacio de la Rasilla eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, forthcoming 2022).

Timothy Webster, The Long Tail of World War II: Jus Post Bellum in Contemporary East Asia, in JUST PEACE AFTER CONFLICT: JUS POST BELLUM AND THE JUSTICE OF PEACE (Carsten Stahn & Jens Iverson eds., Oxford University, 2020). SSRN Digital Commons

Timothy Webster, China’s WTO Compliance, in CHINA AND THE NEW INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC ORDER 133 (Colin Picker & Lisa Toohey eds., Cambridge Univ. Press, 2015).

Timothy Webster, Racial Discrimination in Japan, in UNITY OR FRAGMENTATION OR INTERNATIONAL LAW 295 (André Nollkaemper & Ole Kristian Fauchald eds., Hart Publ’g, 2012).

Journal Articles

Timothy Wester, Japan’s Transnational War Reparations Litigation: An Empirical Analysis, 63 HARV. INT'L L. J. (forthcoming 2022).

Timothy Webster, Disaggregating Corporate Liability: Japanese Multinationals and World War II, 56 STAN. J. INT'L L. 175 (2020). SSRN Digital Commons

Timothy Webster, The Price of Settlement: World War II Reparations in China, Japan and Korea, 51 N.Y.U. J. INT’L L. & POL. 301 (2019).

Timothy Webster, Recent Attempts at Reparations Show that World War II is Not Over, THE CONVERSATION (May 23, 2019).

Timothy Webster, Discursive Justice: World War II Litigation in Japan, 58 VA. J. INT’L L. 161 (2018).

Michael Scharf, Thomas Buergenthal, Carsten Stahn, Milena Sterio, Avidan Cover, & Timothy Webster, Talking Foreign Policy: Jesner v. Arab Bank, 50 CASE W. RES. J. INT'L L. 281 (2018).

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Timothy Webster, Legal Excisions: Omissions Are Not Accidents, 39 CORNELL INT’L L.J. 435 (2006). SSRN

Shorter Writings

Timothy Webster, A Self-Defeating Wall, SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST (Nov. 22, 2016).

Timothy Webster, U.S. Elections Rarely Foretell Future U.S.-China Relations, CHINA – U.S. FOCUS (Aug. 10, 2016).

Timothy Webster, The West Gets the Blame, but It’s China That Hong Kong and Taiwan Fear, L.A. TIMES (Oct. 3, 2014).

Timothy Webster, China’s Compliance with the World Trade Organization and International Trade Rules, Congressional-Executive Commission on China (Jan. 15, 2014) (congressional testimony).