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Arthur D. Wolf

Professor of Law
Education: A.B., Tufts University, LL.B., Columbia Law School
Courses Taught: Administrative Law, Antitrust Law, Civil Procedure, Federal Courts & Jurisdiction, Immigration Law, Legislation, Remedies: Injunctions
Office: L 215

Professor Wolf, who clerked for New Jersey Superior Court Judge Theodore I. Botter, served as a Trial and Appellate Attorney in the Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice. A former national staff member for the McGovern presidential campaign and Study Supervisor at the Vera Institute of Justice, he also spent five years as Special Counsel to Representative Robert F. Drinan, United States Congress, and as a consultant to the National Committee Against Discrimination in Housing, Inc. Professor Wolf began teaching here in 1978. He has taught 14 different courses in  our curriculum.

Among his writings are a three-volume treatise, Court Awarded Attorney Fees (published in 1983 with current updates), which he coauthored, and articles on supplemental jurisdiction in the federal courts.  Professor Wolf has a special interest in federal courts, legislation, and immigration law.

As Director of the Law School's Institute for Legislative and Governmental Affairs, he has brought to campus naturalization ceremonies for new citizens, candidate debates for elective office, hearings of State legislative committees, and commemorative events to celebrate Citizenship Day and Constitution Day, among other noteworthy programs.  In Spring 2017, the Institute sponsored a semester-long series of public lectures entitled, "President Trump: The First 100 Days."

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