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Western New England University School of Law Hosts Springfield Stop of the MA Clean Energy Tour

MA Clean Energy Tour - Springfield, June 12, 2017


On Monday, June 12, the Western New England University School of Law Institute for Legislative and Governmental Affairs hosted the State Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change.  Senator Jim Welch introduced Senator Marc Pacheco, the Committee chair, who noted that the Committee was holding hearings at nine locations around the State from the Cape to the Berkshires.  “This tour is an answer to thousands of constituent conversations, calls, and emails concerning the health and future of our local communities, and our world,” Senator Pacheco explained. “Our residents want a strong economy, clean air, clean water, and most of all, they want a future for their kids. We need to craft legislation that reflects that future. This tour will give us a perfect opportunity to hear from our communities.”
The Springfield hearing was the sixth stop on the Massachusetts Clean Energy Future Tour. The Senate Committee provides constituents an organized opportunity to voice their opinions on energy issues, climate change, and the action they want to see from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  During the four hour hearing on Monday, over 100 citizens attended the hearing at the Blake Law Center, with many of them testifying on a variety of topics relating to global warming and climate change. They included a wide array of  citizens, including community health experts, physicians, environmentalists, engineers, public interest organizations, community activists, business interests, and many others. To read more about the tour see the MA Clean Energy Tour webpage.