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Professor Alice Hearst speaks at the commemoration of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day

Commemoration of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day – Speaker: Professor Alice Hearst, Sept. 20, 2017

On September 20, 2017, we celebrated “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day,” the Federal holiday commemorating these two important parts of our national life. Attorney and Professor Alice Hearst delivered the address for the occasion: "Rethinking Rights and Responsibilities in the Twenty-First Century." She noted that the United States Constitution embodies a set of rights that Americans deem sacred and have served as a source of national pride for almost two and a quarter centuries. But rights also entail responsibilities. Professor Hearst strongly encouraged participation in government, especially at the state and local levels. With the deadlock we see in Washington, she emphasized the critical need to develop workable programs at the state and local levels. At that level of government, all of us have the opportunity to participate and to have our voices heard and respected.