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Laura Chrismer Edmonds '97 chosen as new Juvenile Supervising Attorney in Hampshire County

Laura Chrismer Edmonds has been chosen by CPCS and the Hampshire County Bar Advocate Program as the new Juvenile Supervising Attorney in Hampshire County. Winner of the 2017 Jay D. Blitzman Award for Youth Advocacy, Laura has been a zealous advocate for the legal rights of the indigent for the past 18 years. She has also helped to shape the law in Massachusetts in several monumental appellate decisions. (See, e.g., Com. v. Cameron, 473 Mass. 100 (2015); Doe v. Sex Offender Registry Bd., 81 Mass. App. Ct. 639 (2012).) Most recently, Laura represented a juvenile client before the SJC in the 2017 landmark Samuel S. decision. In addition to her direct representation of indigent clients, Laura has also served for many years, as a mentor for the defense bar.