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Professor Harris Freeman coauthors amicus brief

Professor Harris Freeman coauthored an amicus brief to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court in the case of Arias-Villano v. Chang and Son Enterprises. The brief supports employees who have been denied overtime wages for processing and packing bean sprouts in an indoor growing and processing facility in Whately, Massachusetts. At issue is whether Massachusetts wage and hour law provides overtime protection for workers who are engaged in factory-like processing of agricultural products and do not grow or harvest agricultural products, but happen to work on a farm. This is the first Massachusetts case addressing this legal issue. The amici whose interests are presented in the brief are the ACLU of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Law Reform Institute, United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1459, the Pioneer Valley Workers Center and Yale law professor, Michael Wishnie. The plaintiffs in this case are represented by Central West Justice Center in Springfield, an affiliate of Community Legal Aid.