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Learning Beyond The Classroom

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Welcome to Learning Beyond the Classroom! Learning Beyond the Classroom (LBC) provides a unique dimension to a Western New England University education. Faculty and staff work individually with students to help them make connections between coursework and applied learning experiences to help them achieve their goals and gain valuable experiences.

What is the LBC Requirement?

Learning Beyond the Classroom is a part of the student's General Education Requirements. Each student needs to complete two Learning Beyond the Classroom experiences to be eligible for graduation. Each experience consists of:

  1. Submitting an LBC Application for approval
  2. Once the application is approved, completing an experience that is at least 15 hours
  3. Submitting a Reflection Paper to your Faculty/Staff Sponsor

Resources to Help You Complete Your LBC Experience

  • LBC Application: the 2-page application should be completed legibly in ink. Be sure to initial the bottom of page 2 after you review the agreement. Your LBC Application must be submitted before the end of your experience with at least 15 hours remaining, and will NOT be accepted retroactively. Remember your Site Supervisor cannot be a family member or a student, as there would be a conflict of interest.
  • Completing an LBC over Break: highlights special accommodations we have made for students to get their LBC Applications and respective signatures into the LBC Office electronically while you are on break. 
  • LBC Registration Categories Resource Guide: will help you determine which category your experience falls under. Remember your two LBC experiences need to be significantly different.
  • LBC Student Guide: will help prepare you for your experience by giving you some ideas of common experiences, class connections, and the 4-step LBC process.
  • LBC Reflection Paper Guidelines: provides a checklist of what to include in your 1,000 word (minimum, not including name and header information) reflection paper; along with helpful hints and excerpts from well-written papers to give you an idea of what your Faculty/Staff Sponsor will be looking for.
  • Additional Connections for LBCs: offers an alternative to connecting your experience to a specific course, by instead relating your LBC to Western New England University's Foundations and Perspectives of Understanding and/or Strategic Directions.
  • Mini Grant Funding: this application should be completed and submitted to Dr. Elfant if you are interested in the possibility of receiving funding for an experiential learning opportunity.
  • Experience Log: is a helpful tool for you to keep track of the details of your experience, which can be used when writing your reflection paper.
  • Faculty/Staff Sponsor Checklist: provides LBC Sponsors with specific guidelines for reviewing reflection papers and submitting approved papers directly to Dr. Elfant.

LBC and Civic Engagement Staff

Adina Elfant, Ph.D.
Assistant Dean of Experiential Learning and Career Development
413-782-1687 (phone)
413-782-1546 (fax)

Shannon O'Rourke
Graduate Assistant
Center for Civic Engagement
413-782-1447 (phone)
413-782-1546 (fax)

Additional Experiential Learning Opportunities at Western New England

  • Center for Civic Engagement

    The Center for Civic Engagement provides students with opportunities to partake in service within the community. Many of their programs are designed so that students can use them for their LBC experiences.

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  • Career Development Center

    The Career Development Center assists students with exploring their career goals and provides assistance at all stages of the exploration process.

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  • Study Abroad

    Many of our students take advantage of Study Abroad opportunities and are able to use those experiences to satisfy a LBC experience.

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