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Math Center

The primary purpose of the Math Center is to help students at Western New England University have a successful experience with mathematics. Additionally, the Math Center strives to support the goals of the Department of Mathematics and to promote quantitative literacy throughout the college community. These endeavors include the appropriate placement of every student, tutoring, offering workshops, supporting students in math classes, helping instructors to provide immediate feedback, and collaborating with other departments.

Learning and academic achievement are the most important goals of college. The Math Center at Western New England University is committed to helping students do their individual best in the mathematics courses they take here. The staff of peer tutors strives to offer support and promotes the understanding of course material so that key concepts may be mastered.

The Math Center's services are available to all members of the Western New England University community. Feel free to contact us for a weekly online individual tutoring appointment. We want to help you successfully realize your academic goals!