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University Students Explore and Study Abroad in Spain


This summer, nine Western New England University students traveled to Spain for the study abroad portion of their spring Cultures and History of Southern Spain course. This class offers a crucial foundation for understanding the history and contemporary cultures of Spain. Students traveled to the cities of Madrid, Córdoba, Seville, and Granada over the eight-day trip, exploring several historic and cultural sites. Associate Professor of History Dr. Meri Clark and Assistant Professor of Spanish Dr. Sandra Navarro taught the course and traveled with the students.

“The best way to know the world, and yourself, is to travel widely and explore deeply. It is not an exaggeration to say that study abroad is life-changing,” Dr. Clark says about study abroad experiences.

Students explored Spain’s culture by visiting historical and religious sites like the Mezquita de Córdoba, a mosque and cathedral, and the Alhambra, a medieval Muslim palace, as well as experiencing Spanish food and a flamenco performance. Senior History major Ferdinando Schiro

The students traveling to Spain include, Emily Anderson, Rachel Bearse, Jacqueline Davila, Rachel Frye, Samantha Heffer, Megan Lalonde, Kristen Medeiros, Natasha Mercado-Santana, and Ferdinando Schiro.

Many of the historical sites the students visited are United Nations World Heritage sites, “which offered our students an incredible opportunity to experience first-hand the wealth of diverse civilizations that have all met in this one beautiful crossroads in the world,” says Dr. Clark.

For more information on the University’s study abroad programs, visit wne.edu/studyabroad or contact Dr. Josie Brown-Rose at jbrownro@wne.edu.