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Murder Mystery Dinner Leads Freak Week

By freshman Marissa Pappas WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 26, 2016 - 1:21 PM All News , Engineering , Business , Arts and Sciences
Murder Mystery Dinner

The Western New England University Campus Activities Board (CAB) recently held a Murder Mystery Dinner in Rivers Memorial Hall. The well-attended event included fine dining and a live interactive performance by Chester Hadlyme Mystery Parties. 

More than 80 students signed up to participate in the “mystery” dinner, and CAB also accepted several late walk-ins. As the mystery unfolded, participants enjoyed a delightful meal of slow-roasted jailhouse turkey, with crispy Capone salad, savory Sherlock green beans, and mashed potatoes a la Hitchcock. Steamy hot chocolate, dangerous apple pie, and Nancy Drew vanilla ice cream were also offered for dessert. 

Before the show began, the audience was encouraged to pay close attention to what the actors said, watch closely the cast’s interactions with one another, and to ask questions of the performers as they visited each dinner table. At the end of the evening, students guessed who the murderer was, how that character accomplished the crime, and why they did so based on their interactions with the other cast members. 

“This was my first mystery dinner and it was definitely memorable. The cast was funny and the performance kept us all guessing,” remarked senior Sophie Cannon.

The Murder Mystery Dinner is just one of the many events sponsored by CAB as a part of this year’s "Freak Week"