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Lean Six Sigma Certification Program Offered

THURSDAY, MARCH 9, 2017 - 2:02 PM Engineering , Business , Arts and Sciences , All News

The University’s Professional Development Center announces a unique training/mentoring partnership that allows organizations and individuals to integrate proven Lean Six Sigma tools into their respective workplace.  Upon completion of this innovative and flexible program, students can achieve Lean Six Sigma certification while positioning themselves for higher levels. 

Lean Six Sigma is an effective business and engineering methodology that emphasizes elimination of waste and inefficiency through data collection and resulting analysis.  It emphasizes employment of a complex set of analysis tools to both collect and draw conclusions related to productivity and efficiency.  Although Lean Six Sigma has its origins in manufacturing, in recent years the methodology has been applied to customer service, health care, information technology, and many other industries.  

The University is partnering with Solomon EOS, a nationally recognized training and development corporation that specializes in Lean Six Sigma certification. The partnership allows for online self-paced instruction, or classroom instruction with online content and mentoring leading to Western New England University Lean Six Sigma Green Certification. Certification is awarded in several levels using a variety of colors, ending with certification with a Black Belt.

Black Belt instructor Lisa Totz, principal of LT Consulting of Westfield, MA and New England coordinator of business development for Solomon EOS, will serve as the lead instructor for the program, with LT Consulting associates assisting. 

Classes commence based on organizational needs or at any time if the self-pacing online option is selected. For more information, contact Richard S. Keating, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, at 413-782-1473 to discuss how your organization can participate in this flexible and innovative program.