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Student's Nonprofit Board Experience Serves as Springboard to New University Club

MONDAY, MAY 14, 2018 - 11:00 AM All News , Business

Imagine what you could learn as an undergraduate student working alongside a diverse group of leaders drawn from the region's business community. That's what students like Finance major Alona Kornberg gain through participation in the Nonprofit Board Experience offered by the College of Business. In this two-semester experiential course, Alona, a Cohen Scholar and student-athlete, served on the board of directors of the Western Massachusetts chapter of the American Red Cross.

"Working with board members of American Red Cross, I was able to see firsthand the struggles that nonprofits face financially, and especially with the American Red Cross, with a shortage of volunteers," said Alona. "These challenges taught me that you really need to think outside the box to create solutions where answers seem scarce."

In the spring semester of the experience, Alona was assigned to the Volunteer Subcommittee, a role that inspired her to start a Red Cross Club on campus. "Working with the Red Cross was an eye-opening experience into the need for volunteers to lead nonprofits," she says. "The best part of the course was the opportunity to meet new people who shared the same view as I did about helping others who experience hardships."

Alona encourages other charities to open their boards to students whose perspectives, creativity, and energy can help them achieve their goals.