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Parents Association

At Western New England University we believe that families often make the difference in a student's college experience. That is why all parents of full-time undergraduates are members of the Parents Association. Annual dues, which are voluntary contributions to the Association, are established to further enhance Association activities and programs. Membership and contributing dues solicitation occurs on an annual basis.

The Parents Association is directed by parent representatives with the advice and assistance of the vice president for student affairs and dean of students. The annual meeting of the Association is held each fall semester during Family and Friends Weekend. Officers are elected at the spring quarterly meeting of the Association. Membership is confirmed at the expression of interest. Meetings are held quarterly, usually in connection with activities scheduled on the campus. Parents are encouraged to participate in this context.

In 1978, a small group of parents led by Ralph and Barbara Ertel and staff from the Western New England Division of Student Affairs joined together to recognize and formally constitute the educational partnership which exists between student and parent. Since that time, leadership has continued to be provided.


  • Make a Difference

    All parents are invited to actively participate at our quarterly meetings and to help decide how the Parents Association can improve the quality at the University. Parents also have the opportunity to become more integrally involved in the direction of the Association by attending the annual and quarterly meetings.