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Doctor of Pharmacy Admissions Process

The WNE Doctor of Pharmacy will help you reach your goal of becoming a pharmacist—the first step is to apply!

Students interested in applying to the PharmD program can complete admissions requirements in a variety of ways. The process for applying to the WNE Doctor of Pharmacy program may vary, depending on an individual’s specific circumstances. To apply, select the option below that best fits your situation.


  • High School Applicants

    Apply to our 0-6 Pharmacy program and earn a Bachelor of Pharmacy Studies degree in addition to the PharmD degree in 6 years.

  • Current WNE Students

    Current students not enrolled in the Bachelor of Pharmacy Studies program are eligible to apply for the Doctor of Pharmacy Program as they complete the prerequisites.

  • Non-WNE Applicants

    Students who have completed, or are working to complete their prerequisite coursework at another institution (including those schools with articulation agreements with the COPHS) are eligible to apply.

  • Transfer Applicants

    Individuals who have been enrolled in a Doctor of Pharmacy program at a different institution for one or more years and are considering a transfer into the WNE Doctor of Pharmacy program.

  • International Pharmacy Graduates

    Foreign graduates who earned a pharmacy degree (Baccalaureate, PharmD, or equivalent) and desire to advance their careers by earning a PharmD degree in the United States.

  • MSPS to PharmD Pathway

    College graduates interested in earning both a master’s degree and a PharmD degree can complete both degrees within a 5-year period without having to complete pharmacy prerequisite coursework.