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Director's Welcome

Welcome to the Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program at Western New England University! Our program will prepare you to be an occupational therapy practitioner and a professional leader, who is an agent of change. As an occupational therapist, you will contribute to the lives of individuals, with or without disabilities, by supporting them to improve their functional performance and participation in life roles. As a professional leader, who is equipped with research evidence and global health policy perspectives, you will be broadly positioned to: impact populations; advance community health outcomes; and influence the development of future occupational therapists as members of collaborative inter-professional practice teams. You will be prepared to practice in current healthcare settings, educational and social service settings, as well as emerging practice areas. 

As you begin your graduate education, the administration, faculty and staff in the Division of Occupational Therapy encourage you to make the most of your academic experience, and to utilize the excellent academic and student support services available to maximize your potential for a successful graduate experience.

We look forward to learning with you as we support your entry into the exceptional professional field of occupational therapy.

Dr. Cathy Dow-Royer,
Chair, Division of Occupational Therapy and
Program Director, Doctor of Occupational Therapy Program